Gen X Leads In Grocery Spending, But Millennial Families Are Catching Up

Although Millennials are making the shift into marriage and child-bearing later in life than the generations that preceded them, they are increasing their grocery spending significantly as they form families. Millennial parents report spending an average of $360 per month on groceries, 47% more than Millennials without children, who spend an average of $245 monthly.

These are some of the findings from the 14th Edition of The Why? Behind The Buy, an annual report on the buying patterns and behaviors of grocery shoppers from CPG-focused sales and marketing firm Acosta.

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Chef’d And Innit Launch Customizable Meal Kits

Chef’dChef’d will now offer customizable meal kits through the Innit app. Shoppers can order the exact ingredients they want and receive personalized instructions in-app, merging the journey from meal planning to preparation on one platform.

Once the ingredients in a meal are selected, shoppers can choose the date when Chef’d will deliver their purchase. The preparation process is simplified by “Culinary GPS” video guidance on the Innit app, which sequences steps so that every part of the meal is finished at the same time.

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Shopgate Creates VP Strategy And Solutions Role

Mike Haze

Mike HazeShopgate has appointed Michael Haze to the newly created position of VP of Strategy and Solutions. Haze will work with retailers to enhance the mobile shopping experience and expand the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform’s functionality, with tools including loyalty programs and in-store augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

Haze previously worked at Kibo Commerce as VP of Commerce Strategy and Solutions, where he was the leader of the solution engineering team. He also has served as VP of Product and Strategy Solutions at Mozu, where he created, built and executed strategic solutions for clients and partners.

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How To Take Omnichannel From Marketing Dream To Reality

73% of consumers use multiple channels during the shopping journey. In order to engage shoppers on the endless path to conversion, retailers must employ effective omnichannel marketing strategies.

In this e-Book, you’ll find a breakdown of everything you need to know about omnichannel marketing, including how to:

  • Solve some of your biggest customer data problems;
  • Connect the dots across channels; and
  • Implement a successful omnichannel marketing strategy.

Download this white paper now and make your omnichannel marketing dreams come true!

Symphony RetailAI Names VP Personalized Marketing

Symphony RetailAI has appointed Mike Bristol as VP Personalized Marketing. Bristol will be tasked with bringing to market the solution provider’s personalized marketing solutions, which help retailers better target customers with relevant, timely and personalized offers using artificial intelligence (AI).

Prior to joining Symphony RetailAI, Bristol was the Chief Revenue Officer at Endowance Solutions. He has more than 20 years of experience in customer relationship management in product management, sales and consulting roles for enterprise software companies including Ellucian, Infor, SAP, Baan and Aurum Software.

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Pitney Bowes Unveils Software And Data Marketplace

0aSS PitneyBowes Image

0aSS PitneyBowes ImagePitney Bowes, a location intelligence technology provider, has released the Software and Data Marketplace. The platform enables data buyers to visualize, test and download data before it is purchased.

The Marketplace will provide users with data catalogs for sample categorical data, such as address, boundary, demographic, geoenrichment, point of interest and street data. With this data, clients can develop a deep understanding of their customers in order to better manage risk, improve decision making and increase customer engagement.

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The Missing Link In Personalization: Only 13% Of Retailers Identify Most Profitable Shoppers

While as many as 77% of retailers say they have an established process to identify their most loyal customers, only 13% say they can accurately identify those that are most profitable, according to the BRP 2018 Customer Loyalty Special Report. Up to 39% of retailersdo have processes in place to identify profitable customers, but admit that their efforts still need improvement. Another 27% project that they will be able to identify these shoppers within three years.

Retailers that want to maximize customer profitability as well as loyalty are leveraging personalization efforts across a number of different areas:

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Chatter Research Leverages AI-Powered SMS To Amplify Customer Feedback

Chatter Research is an AI-powered customer feedback solution, designed to help retailers enhance their shopper experiences by replacing traditional online surveys with conversational commerce.

With the platform, retailers can interact with individual consumers using conversational surveys over SMS text messaging, leveraging a data insights engine that analyzes each shopper’s feedback in real time. Average conversations take between two and three minutes.

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Worried About Online Scammers? Robots Can Help

Shopping online is all well and good until you get ripped off. Maybe the “pristine vintage couch” you bought on Craigslist turned out to be a moth-eaten relic from IKEA. Maybe the “Bruce Springsteen concert tickets” you snagged for $30 each really were too good to be true. Or maybe you sent your credit card information to a vendor who seemed trustworthy, and now your bank is blowing up your phone with stern warning calls. We all know that shopping via classifieds and online marketplaces can be a little sketchy — but did you know that robots are already well on their way to making this particular experience a lot safer?

You’re already using AI for Spotify and Netflix, but you might not be aware that AI has recently entered the world of retail and e-Commerce, too. In a collaboration with IBM’s Watson, North Face uses natural language processing to help their customers find the “perfect jacket for your next adventure.” The subscription shopping service Stitch Fix uses visual search to analyze a customer’s Pinterest boards, giving them data about that customer’s tastes in clothing. Flipkart, India’s largest e-Commerce provider, recently launched an AI personal shopper called Mira, which asks customers a series of questions about what they want from a product to help refine search.

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