LIDS Looks To Hit Home Run With New Loyalty Program

With 39% of consumers using two retail mobile apps at most on a regular basis — and 21% using no retail app at all — retailers face an uphill battle selling the apps to consumers. But sports apparel retailer LIDS has stadium-sized goals for its recently unveiled mobile app and rebranded “Access Pass” loyalty program, according to Jeff Pearson, the company’s Senior VP of Marketing and E-Commerce.

“We would like to have between 10% and 15% of the customers download and regularly utilize the app,” said Pearson in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Our goal is to have between 30% and 40% of our customers become a loyalty member.”

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Coupons Can Tempt 79% Of Loyal Consumers To Switch Brands

Coupons might seem old-fashioned, but they remain a major part of the shopper experience, with 90% of consumers saying they obtain them from a variety of print and digital sources. In fact, coupons may matter more for customer acquisition than brands realize: 79% of self-defined brand-loyal consumers are influenced to buy a brand they wouldn’t typically have purchased due to a coupon’s influence, according to research from Valassis.

“The only true loyalty consumers have is looking for value,” said Curtis Tingle, CMO of Valassis in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “That value means different things…it may be an experience they’re looking for in a particular retailer. Consumers always want a good deal, they want the right price for the service or product they’re receiving, and coupons definitely influence that.”

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58% Of Brand Loyal Moms Seek Consistency Over Good Prices

1-Mom  Daughter Grocery Shopping Attention retailers: The billions of dollars spent on advertising, celebrity endorsements and all efforts for social responsibility are nice. And surely, moms around the country are appreciative of your efforts. But do they drive loyalty? Short answer: no; they do not. 

In fact, according to The Love And Loyalty Of Moms, a report by Collective Bias, nearly 60% of 5,000 moms surveyed are brand loyal because of quality, consistency and price. But, if the price isn’t right, even the most loyal moms will ditch a brand for a competitor.

While 48% of moms across multiple age categories consider themselves to be brand loyal, that loyalty only goes so far. In fact:

  • 27% of moms would purchase a product from a competing brand based on price;
  • 21% would swap brands due to quality;
  • 20% would switch because of a peer recommendation; and
  • 18% would jump brands they’re loyal to because of a coupon.

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Cabela’s Seeks Video Feedback To Capture Range Of Customers’ Emotions

Cabela’s has partnered with shopper experience optimization solutions provider InMoment to transform the outdoor brand’s customer engagement strategy. By deploying the InMoment platform within all its stores in July 2016, Cabela’s aims to:

  • Integrate video feedback as an extension of its in-store experience;

  • Gather more instructive feedback from traditional channels, such as online reviews and surveys;

  • Address and close the loop on immediate consumer concerns in real time;

  • Provide individual and team coaching to store associates; and

  • Understand emerging and historical trends.

While the retailer had always sought to gather information about each consumer’s experience prior to the partnership with InMoment, its online and phone surveys were limited in the emotions they could capture without guidance, according to Nathan Borowski, Communications Specialist at Cabela’s. With the video feedback option, the retailer can bring an added element of human interaction that it previously had not been able to harness.

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Top CRM Questions Asked By Marketers For Marketers

1CRMC logoLast week I attended the annual Customer Relationship Management Conference (CRMC) in Chicago. With approximately 700 retailers, solution providers and other industry experts in attendance, 2016 was the largest CRMC event to date.

Not surprisingly, much of the content at CRMC focuses on loyalty programs, customer analytics and overall CRM. I’ve found that some of the most compelling content during events comes out of the Q&A portion of the sessions. Following are some key insights from GameStop, Dunkin’ Brands, Aveda, Etsy and more as they address questions asked by their fellow marketers.

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Midwesterners Most Likely To Join And Remain Active In Fuel Rewards Loyalty Programs

If gas stations are looking to offer loyalty discounts, they should make sure to set up shop in the middle of the country. Midwestern consumers are the most likely to join a loyalty program to save on fuel (57%), and also are the most active loyalty program members (32%), according to a report from Excentus.

These figures aren’t surprising given that Midwestern shoppers also lead the way in attitudes about saving on fuel costs. As many as 69% of Midwesterners say it’s important to earn rewards on fuel when gas prices rise, compared to:

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More Than 5.5M Shoppers Save With Fuel Rewards From Shell

fuelrewardsshellLoyalty programs play a significant role in retailers’ efforts to bring consumers into the store and keep them coming back. Today, traditional retailers are taking steps outside of their core industry to boost loyalty among consumers. One successful entry into this growing retail segment is the Fuel Rewards Program. Shell is the network’s redemption partner, with more than 12,000 U.S. gas stations participating in the program. Retail partners linked with the Fuel Rewards program have included J.C.Penney, Kmart, Macy’s and The Home Depot.

Launched in 2012, Fuel Rewards has acquired more than 5.5 million members in three years. Across all categories, 78% of Fuel Rewards members redeem their rewards within 20 days of earning them when shopping or dining.

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87% Of Contact Center Leaders Say Agents Are Highly Stressed

RR Five9 ImageIn the retail industry, excellent customer service can help build a loyal consumer base. And store associates, call center agents and other service reps are the backbone of a successful customer service strategy.

To ensure customer service success, retailers agree that they need to keep their agents engaged and empowered. Up to 85% of contact center leaders agree that agent loyalty is an important priority to their brand, according to a report from the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) in partnership with Five9.

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Digitally Empowered Brand Mavens Exert Purchasing Power

Shadow CASH CS001 SURV Brand Maven Mar 2015The future of retail may lie in the power of a shopper group called Brand Mavens: digitally engaged, brand-loyal consumers who are looking for the ability to use one source for completing payments, accessing loyalty points and redeeming coupons and promotional offers.

Brand Mavens — the ultimate brand advocates — currently comprise approximately 53% of the buying population in the U.S., according to a recent consumer survey conducted by Retail TouchPoints and CashStar, in conjunction with the Texas A&M Center For Retailing Studies.

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The Fleurty Ginger Boutique Boosts Online Traffic By 23% With Mobile App

The Fleurty GingerThere are a variety of new tools and solutions available to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) better keep pace with their larger counterparts. Rather than falling behind, SMBs can use these tools to provide compelling loyalty programs and mobile experiences that drive foot traffic, engagement and revenue.

The Fleurty Ginger Boutique, a Louisiana-based retailer, has been able to generate awareness and turn one-time shoppers into valuable clients by creating a mobile app powered by Como. Since rolling out the mobile app in November 2013, the retailer has increased online sales by 16% and online traffic by 23%.

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