The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Global Content Creation

11 Reasons To Use A Cloud-Based Translation Management Platform

Language translation is the key to attracting and retaining international customers, and increasing global sales. Find out how cloud-based translation platforms can help you:

  • Convert more of your existing international traffic;
  • Improve SEO for non-English speakers; and
  • Automate translation processes so that you don’t have to repeat the same steps over and over.

Learn 11 ways to attract more international customers and increase revenue by improving your translation process.

How Beacon Technology Changed The Way We Shop

Smart Shopping Centers

Using beacon technology, retailers can better understand in-store customer behaviors, converge the digital and physical worlds and create more personalized offers and marketing campaigns. Download this white paper to unlock all of the benefits of beacons, including:

  • Being able to send location-based, personalized messages that boost marketing campaign results;
  • Acquire in-depth analytics that measure foot traffic, dwell times and customer profiles; and
  • Optimize loyalty program design and execution.

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Shoppers Disrupted: Retailing Through The Noise

Shoppers have been disrupted. New digital technologies, social networks and advanced analytics have created an intelligent, omnichannel environment.

This new environment has completely transformed shopper expectations. Are you prepared to keep pace with this “new normal” and create seamless and enjoyable experiences across all channels?

Download this survey report, which reveals the thoughts and opinions of 110,000 shoppers. New wants and needs include:

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Unified Commerce And The Customer Experience

From ordering a product on a retail mobile app, to visiting the store to purchase or exchange an item, find out how 30 top omnichannel retailers performed in the study: Unified Commerce And The Customer Experience. Gain valuable insight to improve the customer experience, including:

  • Showcase Inventory Status In The Mobile App
  • Ensure App Check-Out Is User-Friendly And Simple
  • Focus On Relevant Post-Purchase Communication
  • Empower Store Associates With Customer And Product Data

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Forrester Research – Content & Commerce: The Odd Couple or the Power Couple?


Acquia-SHADOWAre you giving your customers the shopping experience they demand? Or are you leaving revenue on the table with disjointed content and commerce experiences? Forrester Research takes on this challenge and outlines real world recommendations when considering an integrated approach to web content management and eCommerce solutions.

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