Modern Supply Chain Solutions Empower The Age Of The Individual

Cloud SCM Lowers Capital Costs And Reduces IT Dependence

One-third of companies are already using the cloud for Supply Chain Management (SCM). Learn why logistics professionals are using or considering cloud-based applications, including:

56% say the decision is driven by the software’s easier and faster attributes relative to other software;
51% say they’re attracted to the cloud’s lower total cost of ownership opportunity; and
25% say they are concerned about their own lack of IT expertise.

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How Modern Cloud Solutions Deliver Agility And Business Transformation

Why Retailers Like Supervalu Deploy Cloud ERP Solutions

Retail CFOs are increasingly being judged in terms of business outcomes as well as traditional financial industry standards. This requires new data, new skills and new technology that can address:

  • A greater need for speed and agility in the finance function;
  • A shifting focus on business outcomes vs. traditional financial KPIs; and
  • An increased responsibility for managing cyber threats.

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How To Successfully Deploy Self‑Service Analytics And Drive Results

5 Best Practices For A Successful Retail Data Strategy

Analytics departments must develop new skills to drive business engagement such as storytelling, scenario building and rapid prototyping to communicate the business relevance of their insights, according to Gartner.

Five ways to improve business-wide analytics, include:

  • Employ Rapid Prototyping;
  • Create a Unified Data Language;
  • Tap Data Blending to Create a Unified Language;
  • Use Experience to Drive Collaborative Learning; and
  • Incorporate Storytelling and Visual Analysis.

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Moving Beyond Compliance To Create An Efficient Supplier Network

How Visibility, Transparency And Flexibility Help Retailers Meet Delivery Expectations

Did you know that 42% of shoppers do not trust that their package will arrive on time? The pressure is on to cater to customer demands and deliver seamless fulfillment options. Yet, many retailers have made little progress in collaborating with their suppliers.

Get ahead of the competition and learn how to create an efficient supplier network today with help from this guide.

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Acting On The ‘Why’ Behind Successful Shopper Marketing Strategies

Retailers like Go Wireless, and TEAM Wireless are tapping shopper psychology to improve marketing tactics.

Better signage, video content, digital displays and endless aisle information are driving a boost in sales, revenue and loyalty.

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