Success Stories: How Wayfair And Pepsi Use Visual Analysis To Drive Business Results

Unlock Business Success With Visual Analysis And Self-Service Analytics

By tapping into visual analysis, businesses are better able to understand patterns that can lead to transformative decisions. Forward-thinking retailers are embracing the strategy: 73% of the Top 100 retailers are using visual analysis, including every one of the first 15 in the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2016 list.

These retailers also are taking advantage of self-service analytics, which empowers people to use data to make decisions and take action across the organization: in marketing, merchandising, operations, e-Commerce, talent management and the supply chain.

Access this quick-hitting webinar brief to learn:

  • How visual analysis works;
  • Advantages of the self-service model
  • 5 steps to success with self-service data analytics; and
  • How companies like Wayfair and Pepsi found success with self-service analytics.

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Aligning Merchandising and Marketing Decisions With Shopper Preferences

Total Store Optimization Moves Retail Beyond Category Management

Managing assortment, pricing and promotions on a category-by-category basis is no longer sustainable in today’s digitally competitive retail environment. Retailers need strategies that deliver a more individualized, shopper-oriented experience.

Download this report to discover how to make decisions the same way customers shop: across the entire store.

The Playbook To Activating Customer Engagement

7 Plays To Take Your Customer Engagement Strategy To The Next Level

Did you know that 85% of customers won’t do business with a company again after one bad customer experience? And who can blame them? They’ve got access to more options and information than ever before. Download this playbook and learn:

  • Why customer engagement needs to be a central component of your business strategy
  • Why you need to empower your agents with the info they need to quickly resolve issues
  • How to think beyond using automated telephone system
  • How to embrace customer support through all digital channels, including social media, communities, and live chat

Download this playbook and learn how to make fast, frictionless customer support your top priority.

Connecting With The Mobile Shopper: Benefits Of In-Store WiFi

Download Deliver The Future Of In-Store Customer Engagement Today and learn how retailers can harness the power of mobile WiFi to realize a number of business benefits, including the ability to:

  • Boost conversions;
  • Uncover a new source of shopper data;
  • Test store layouts and fixtures with more precision;
  • Cater to the preferences of various demographics;
  • Improve store associate effectiveness and motivation; and
  • Increase customer loyalty.

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Connected Customer Service: The New Imperative for Creating Compelling Shopping Experiences

Progressive retailers like B&H Photo are connecting their systems and data to better understand their shoppers.

Download this brief to discover how real-time, integrated omnichannel data can help you improve:

  • Customer service efficiencies;
  • Marketing campaign planning;
  • Loyalty program effectiveness;
  • Product development and/or refinement; and
  • Domestic and global expansion strategies.

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The New World of Assortment Planning

Driving Growth and Expansion with Intelligent Decision-Making

Only 6% of retailers believe their current assortment planning applications are effective, according to Boston Retail Partners. Download this brief to unlock your keys for driving growth in 2017 and beyond, including:

  • Aligning assortment planning and allocation strategies with growth opportunities
  • Reaching assortment relevancy, speed and agility
  • Preparing for planning success

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