Eliminate The Headaches Of Manual Tax Processes

Tax management is complex because each jurisdiction has different rates, rates are constantly changing, all products are not created equally in the tax world, and states are looking for new revenue sources and hiring more auditors. Find out how a sales and use tax automation solution can help you:

  • Streamline the entire sales tax process within your online store, from collection through reporting;
  • Relieve the stress of audits;
  • Free personnel from manually looking up product tax codes across jurisdictions; and
  • Sell more products and reach more customers.

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Survey Report: What Do Retailers Get When They Invest In Enabling Their Frontline Workforce?

Although many retailers resist the costs involved in arming frontline associates with modern workforce enablement technology, the benefits are compelling, including:

  • 11% increase to the bottom line for retailers that move from laggard to leader status;
  • 26% improvement in employee retention; and
  • 6.5% higher customer satisfaction.

Access the findings and analysis from a study that explores how retailers in the U.S. and Europe are investing in enabling their workforces to increase sales, boost productivity and delight customers.

7 Experts Share Transformational Secrets Of Successful Brands

Despite frequent headlines featuring store closings and bankruptcies, retail sales have been steadily increasing. Retail TouchPoints tapped 7 retail experts to share the strategies of winning brands in order to help you:

  • Establish deeper customer connections, greater levels of service and better product curation;
  • Turn customers into brand advocates; and
  • Avoid the traps that prevent retailers from converting shopper data into transformation roadmaps.

Access the insights of 7 high-powered retail experts to execute organizational transformation.

Maximizing Supply Chain Profitability Using Machine Learning And Advanced Analytics

Profit Optimized Inventory: Learn How Top Brands Use Machine Learning To Increase Turns

Machine learning and advanced analytics give retailers the power to drive inventory profit without sacrificing customer service. Discover how:

  • The Vitamin Shoppe improved in-stocks to 96% while upping inventory turns by 30%;
  • Family Dollar optimized inventory levels to satisfy customer needs with greater profitability; and
  • Pep Boys tuned its inventory investments toward profit opportunity rather than risk mitigation.

Access this e-Book and begin to optimize your inventories for maximum profitability.

The New Secrets to eBay Success

The modern shopper is spoiled. They have millions of options and know the next product is just a click away. So how do you get their attention? Obviously, you need to optimize your listings with search-friendly titles, accurate descriptions, and high-quality images.

But getting eyeballs on your listings goes way beyond these fundamental best practices. The good news is that eBay provides powerful tools to help you get noticed.

In this eBook, we’ll walk you through the newest and best of these tools including:

  • Creating special offers to attract shoppers and increase order size
  • Promoting your listings to boost visibility in prime eBay placements
  • Leveraging repricing technology to land the top spot

State Of Mobile Product Discovery 2017

Mobile Product Discovery: 2017 Survey Results

Shoppers use smartphones and desktops differently to find products. Download this e-Book in order to:

  • Design the mobile shopping experience for higher conversions;
  • Understand shopper intent for better product discovery; and
  • Discover which product categories bring in the highest percentage of mobile orders.

Access this exclusive research to improve the mobile user’s shopping experience, increase conversions and boost sales.

Why Traditional Employee Training Is Crippling The Retail Industry

Case Study: At Home Trains 2,500 Associates In 4 Weeks

Traditional learning management systems don’t work in retail. Learn how At Home adopted a new training platform in order to:

  • Train 2,500 associates in four weeks, contributing to a 90% reduction in onboarding time;
  • Achieve a 94% voluntary participation rate on the platform; and
  • Increase in employee knowledge for critical safety topics by 14%, contributing to a 36% drop in safety incidents.

Access this free E-Book to help reduce turnover, boost motivation and improve training performance.

Owning The Amazon Search Results Page

Wondering how you can boost your sales on the dominant Amazon marketplace? You’re in the right place.

This E-book will help you discover how to make your listings show up – and stand out – by breaking down the main components of the Amazon Marketplace and the ways Amazon consumers shop. You’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize your Amazon search results
  • Win the Buy Box
  • Boost your visibility with advertising

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The CMO Survey: Highlights And Insights Report

Examine 60 pages of charts and graphs from the recent survey of leading CMOs. Discover such insights as:

  • Spending on marketing analytics will increase 376% in three years;
  • CMOs gave themselves a mediocre grade (3.4 on a 7-point scale) for integrating customer information across purchasing, communication and social media channels; and
  • 43% of CMOs said they are unable to quantify the impact of social media on their businesses.

Download this e-Book to compare your performance and experiences with leading marketers across 14 industries.

7 Secrets To Amazon Success: How Online Retailers Can Get Ahead On Amazon.com

You already understand the incredible revenue opportunity Amazon Marketplace represents for e-commerce sellers. But with millions of retailers and brands battling it out for potential customers, Amazon success is no longer a given. It has to be earned.

This new eBook reveals seven of the secrets successful sellers consistently use to get ahead on Amazon, including:

  • Optimizing search terms
  • Leveraging Amazon Prime
  • Using a repricing tool
  • Winning the Buy Box
  • And more

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