Prada Success Story

The Prada Group uses Cloud4Wi Volare platform to transform in-store customer experience in about 500 stores worldwide

The Prada Group realized customer satisfaction and loyalty could be at risk because in-store Wi-Fi was not available.

By implementing the Cloud4Wi Volare platform, The Prada Group was able to:

  • Provide free customer Wi-Fi with fast and easy login;
  • Match shoppers’ devices with a unique digital identity; and
  • Collect better customer demographic and in-store behavior data.

Download this case study to learn more about The Prada Group’s Wi-Fi success.

How Dollar Shave Club Got Rid Of Its Data Analytics Bottleneck

To capitalize on new marketing and revenue opportunities, retailers must remove data analytics bottlenecks and use data to their full advantage. Download this case study to learn how Dollar Shave Club was able to:

  • Trim its data analysis from weeks to minutes;
  • A/B test email campaigns;
  • Achieve 100% ROI on its sampling program; and
  • Improve customer service.

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Brookstone Proves The Value Of Video


LiveClicker-CS-SHADOWVideos are now a significant element of successful omnichannel strategies. If executed properly, video marketing can provide insight into the nature of the retailer’s products and services, all while engaging consumers, building credibility and driving revenue.

Investing in video commerce can be the difference between converting consumers and losing them to the competition. Brookstone leveraged the power of video by enlisting Liveclicker to help fulfill its e-Commerce needs, including SEO, conversion tracking and customer feedback.

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Under Armour Honors Heroes And Sees Double-Digit Affiliate Revenue Growth



More retailers are creating personalized offers for specific customer segments in an effort to generate sales and garner long-term loyalty.

For years, athletic apparel, shoe and accessory retailer Under Armour has offered a 10% discount to active-duty and retired military personnel. But since implementing the Troop ID solution from, Under Armour has been able to validate the status of military personnel online and deliver discounts more efficiently. The Troop ID discount also can be extended to family members, which has encouraged a boost in sales and customer loyalty.

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