The Evolution (And Challenges) Of Omnichannel

Andrew Gaffney of Retail TouchPoints sits down with Madeleine Doucet and Michael Wexler of Multidev Technologies to discuss the evolution of omnichannel, the challenges retailers face when it comes to having a single view of the customer and more during NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show.

Salesforce: Mobile Growth Makes Personalization Even More Critical

Mobile devices drew 60% of shopper traffic and 41% of all orders during holiday 2017, and this growth makes personalization paramount given the screen’s small “real estate,” according to Rob Garf, VP, Industry Strategy and Insights, Salesforce Commerce Cloud. “You can’t play hide-and-seek with products and recommendations, it has to be front and center,” he said. Garf also shared his predictions for 2018 and warned of a coming data scientist shortage.

Aptos Features AR, Endless Aisle As Part Of Aptos Labs

Aptos Marketing Director Dave Bruno discusses Aptos’ recent acquisition of TXT Retail, noting that the combination gives Aptos the ability to engage differently “from concept to customer.” Additionally, Bruno shares how their investment in Aptos Labs will enable the company to help retailers bridge the digital-physical divide by supporting emerging technologies like conversational commerce. Bruno tells us that shoppers are already clamoring for their preferred retailers to help them with endless aisle and order status skills. Additionally, Bruno describes the wildly popular pop-up shop that Cole Haan implemented in the Aptos booth, where they sold a brand new line of shoes with same-day delivery to attendees’ hotels.

Salesforce: Helping Retailers Innovate At Their Customers’ Pace

Shelley Bransten, SVP of Retail for Salesforce, notes that once-futuristic technologies such as AI are now present-day realities. For example, although AI was embedded in only 6% of Salesforce customers’ transactions, it represented 30% of revenue, a 5X return. Additionally, integrated cloud solutions are allowing retailers to “innovate at the speed of their customers.”

Toshiba Highlights Solutions That Deliver Rapid Innovation

Toshiba highlighted the “joy of shopping” in its NRF booth, focusing on using technology to improve the store experience. Within the booth, micro shopping journeys were highlighted. Beyond POS, Toshiba has announced new operating system and hardware capabilities, that help retailers test strategies and learn quicker to deliver “rapid innovation.” Toshiba also featured: digital signage innovation, providing improved customer interactions and improved analytics; next-gen self-checkout technology; and new consumer mobility solutions.

Cegid Features Clienteling As Part Of Omnichannel Point-Of-Service

Sylvain Jauze, Director Of International Operations for Cegid, discusses the debut of the company’s new In-Store Omnichannel POS (Point-of-service) solution. Jauze notes that clienteling is vital due to personal consumer demands. “They want to be recognized as a client and they want to be served, they want to be advised.”

Applying Voice Search To e-Commerce & Mobile

Amazon got everyone comfortable using voice and talking to something, but now it’s time for brands to own the voice experience. “Having the conversational aspect within your web site or mobile app [as opposed to relying on the customer to interact with Amazon Echo or Google Home], you get the data and understand what people are asking for — that’s a lot more impactful for your brand,” said Ryan MacInnis, Director of Marketing for Voysis. Retail TouchPoints sat down with MacInnis to learn more about voice, whether it’s right for everyone, what challenges come with implementing voice and voice SEO.

Pairing Online And In-Store Data To Enhance The Customer Experience

Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE, discusses how brick-and-mortar retailers can bring relevance to the shopper journey using the same tools as Amazon and Google — customer data. There are multiple ways to reach shoppers in-store — via their own mobile devices, tablets and digital signage — retailers can drive actions to, for example, direct shoppers to products they’ve expressed interest in online. Leveraging data in this way can give these retailers a “fair fighting chance” against the online giants, according to Riegel.