How To Take Omnichannel From Marketing Dream To Reality

73% of consumers use multiple channels during the shopping journey. In order to engage shoppers on the endless path to conversion, retailers must employ effective omnichannel marketing strategies.

In this e-Book, you’ll find a breakdown of everything you need to know about omnichannel marketing, including how to:

  • Solve some of your biggest customer data problems;
  • Connect the dots across channels; and
  • Implement a successful omnichannel marketing strategy.

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How to Optimize Payments To Drive E-Commerce Sales

Leverage Digital Payment Trends to Attract Customers, Convert More Buyers, and Drive Revenue

Payment technologies enable retailers to engage customers intelligently and purposefully across multiple digital channels and offer them better ways to pave the path to purchase. Optimize your payment system and explore how to:

  • Overcome checkout conversion obstacles;
  • Use payment data to offer personalization; and
  • Implement alternative payment methods to enhance the customer journey.

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Get Smarter In Every Element Of E-Commerce With AI

The term AI seems to be used everywhere, but how exactly can artificial intelligence improve e-Commerce results? This guide breaks down several use cases, including:

  • How AI optimizes advertising to attract more customers and increase conversions;
  • How AI learns from customer behavior in real time to increase sales;
  • How deep learning networks use product images to improve customer searches; and
  • How chatbots use conversations, messages and natural language data to provide customer service that emulates human contact.

Access this white paper to understand AI applications in eCommerce and learn how to use them to drive better business outcomes.

State of Workplace Training in Retail

Improve Workplace Training In Retail

While 92% of U.S. retail employees state training positively impacts their job engagement, the shocking part is that 32% don’t receive any formal training.

Without a way to ingrain the right knowledge and behavior changes required for your frontline staff to embrace your brand and deliver superior customer service, you’re at risk of being outdone by your competition.

This report uncovers:

  • The state of workplace training in retail;
  • 5 ways to improve workplace training in retail environments; and
  • How one bankrupt retailer reimagined its training program and is succeeding as a reinvented brand.

Explore how continuous and engaging associate training can drive business performance.

Rethinking The In-Store Experience: An Employee-First Approach

Empowering Store Teams To Deliver A Better Customer Experience

Strengthening in-store teams is the key to creating a frontline workforce capable of delighting shoppers and building stronger, long-term relationships. This comprehensive report highlights retailer experiences and industry insights related to employee training and technology, including:

  • Golf Town is leveraging a mobile app on employees’ devices to provide associates with relevant knowledge and the opportunity to share their expertise;
  • Compass Canada, an operator of more than 3,000 foodservice locations, lifted sales 7% by engaging employees to meet specific goals;
  • Retailers responding to a Retail TouchPoints survey said their top tech focus areas are: mobile technology (52%), employee training/engagement (52%) and employee hiring/retention (43%).

Plunge into this deep dive into critical employee training and technology trends.

8 Critical Campaigns For E-Commerce Marketers In 2018

To build a strong e-Commerce marketing program, retailers must stop treating all of their customers the same, and start using customer behavior to inform when and how to communicate with them.

This whitepaper identifies eight campaigns every e-Commerce marketer must implement to succeed in 2018, and provides tips and tricks to delivering effective campaigns, including:

  • Why the welcome series is important to making a great first impression to the shopper;
  • How to approach cart and browse abandonment; and
  • Why retailers should personalize birthday messages.

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5 Ways To Prevent Cart Abandonment By Removing Friction

Headline: Recover Lost Dollars: Prevent Cart Abandonment

As much as $4.6 trillion in merchandise was left in abandoned carts in 2016. But approximately 60% of those lost dollars could have been recovered. In fact, approximately $260 billion worth of lost orders are recoverable through better checkout design, reported the Baymard Institute.

Access this new white paper to access these 5 ways to prevent shopping cart abandonment and recover lost dollars:

  • Focus on micro-moments and proactive interactions;
  • Streamline and optimize mobile checkout;
  • Remove barriers to seamless checkout;
  • Offer 24/7 real-time engagement; and
  • Provide helpful answers to checkout struggles.

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B2B Commerce Best Practices Book

Win B2B Buyers: Best Practices In Digital Commerce

The digital revolution has created a significant opportunity for B2B businesses, and this report will show you how to win more B2B sales.

The guide is broken into four distinct sections that will make you a H.E.R.O. by:

  • Influencing buying habits;
  • Reducing expenses;
  • Growing revenue; and
  • Creating opportunities.

Navigate your own digital transformation with this comprehensive Best Practices book.

3 Competitive Pressures Driving Digital Commerce Strategy

Crush Obstacles To E-Commerce Growth

Agile processes, customer-centric strategies and integrated solutions are critical to uncovering more opportunities to win in e-Commerce. This report delivers insights you can use to evaluate and improve your competitive readiness, including:

  • Employing business intelligence tools that provide customizable dashboards and KPIs to analyze disparate data sources and provide one unified view;
  • Evaluating cloud-hosted software programs; and
  • Exploring growth opportunities in B2B e-Commerce and global expansion

Access this free statistics-filled report as you prepare to win in e-Commerce in 2018 and beyond.

6 Ways To Improve Real-Time Strategies With Analytics

Your Essential Guide To Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics reduce time-wasting manual processes and reveal specific actions retailers can take to reach customer experience and financial goals. This report details many of the ways retailers and brands are using AI-based platforms, including how:

  • Walmart uses analytics to target micro-markets, stocking products according to demand at individual locations;
  • Sephora provides detailed data to members of its Beauty Insiders program so that they can make decisions based on their own history and personalized recommendations; and
  • Abercrombie & Fitch, Lowes Foods and DSW deliver real-time targeted recommendations to store-level employees’ mobile devices.

Use this complimentary guide to determine how your organization can use a cloud-based advanced analytics platform.