Pitney Bowes Unveils Software And Data Marketplace

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0aSS PitneyBowes ImagePitney Bowes, a location intelligence technology provider, has released the Software and Data Marketplace. The platform enables data buyers to visualize, test and download data before it is purchased.

The Marketplace will provide users with data catalogs for sample categorical data, such as address, boundary, demographic, geoenrichment, point of interest and street data. With this data, clients can develop a deep understanding of their customers in order to better manage risk, improve decision making and increase customer engagement.

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Chatter Research Leverages AI-Powered SMS To Amplify Customer Feedback

Chatter Research is an AI-powered customer feedback solution, designed to help retailers enhance their shopper experiences by replacing traditional online surveys with conversational commerce.

With the platform, retailers can interact with individual consumers using conversational surveys over SMS text messaging, leveraging a data insights engine that analyzes each shopper’s feedback in real time. Average conversations take between two and three minutes.

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Infor Launches Networked Order Management Solution

Infor, a provider of industry-specific cloud applications, has unveiled Networked Order Management, leveraging the platform provider’s GT Nexus Commerce Network. The solution is designed to help brands and retailers improve omnichannel shopping experiences by enabling a networked approach to order management.

With Networked Order Management, retailers can:

  • Provide customers with more complex buying options within a single transaction;
  • Share the same UX that other Infor in-store products use for point of sale, clienteling and store inventory management;
  • Reduce out-of-stocks, save the sale, and shorten delivery lead times; and
  • Reduce the cost and complexity experienced with legacy distributed order management systems.

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Kx Systems Launches Retail Range Optimization Platform

Kx Systems, a Big Data software specialist, has unveiled Kx for Retail Range Optimization, a solution designed to enable retailers to gain actionable insights on product assortment through basket analytics.

With Kx for Range Optimization, retailers can perform basket analytics on historic and real-time datasets to understand product substitutability, affinity and loyalty. Users can specifically leverage the platform to identify:

  • Product affinity and cross-sell/upsell opportunities;
  • Merchandising personalization; and
  • Product recommendation engines.

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Plastic Logic Unveils Freezable ESLs For Supermarkets

Plastic Logic, a designer and manufacturer of glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPDs), has launched a 11.5” x 0.5” EPD designed for rail-type electronic shelf label (ESL) applications.

The displays are designed to overcome many of the problems associated with traditional paper labels, which can easily be damaged and require time-consuming manual systems to manage updates. Additionally, ESLs often have difficulty operating and updating at sub-zero temperatures.

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MomentFeed Introduces Visibility Manager To Boost Brands’ Local Visibility

MomentFeed has released Visibility Manager, a solution designed to ensure multi-location brands appear as the first and most obvious choice for nearby consumers.

By improving the precision, consistency, quality and distribution of each store’s business information, Visibility Manager is designed to make a brand’s nearest location a nearby consumer’s first choice on any mobile device. These results can drive more online-to-offline actions, foot traffic and higher sales.

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First Insight Introduces ElastiCast Pricing Optimization Platform

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0aaSS FirstInsight ImageFirst Insight has released ElastiCast, a solution designed to enable retailers to forecast price elasticity of new products to determine optimal prices and increase margins.

By collecting consumer data and processing it through First Insight’s proprietary algorithms, ElastiCast enables merchants, planners and marketers to analyze various pricing scenarios and predict how consumers will react to different price points throughout the product’s lifecycle — from initial pricing to markdowns to clearance. These results enable retailers to see the distribution of demand before they go to market, so they can set prices based on data.

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