Why Attend?


The Retail TouchPoints Customer Lifecycle Conference is an online event designed to present turnkey strategies and tactics that will help companies tap into emerging media deliver a coordinated customer-centric approach to retail.

In a convenient, format for retail executives, the event will feature presentations from leading industry executives, allowing attendees to learn how to implement and execute best-in-class strategies throughout the customer lifecycle to successfully engage and move customers through the shopping process. The event will offer answers to the most urgent customer-facing questions, including:

  • How do I successfully leverage smart phone technology for better customer service?
  • What do I need to know in order to implement a successful social commerce strategy?
  • What are the best ways to communicate with today’s connected consumers?

With no cost or travel necessary, the virtual event will feature live keynote presentations that hone in on hot topics, innovative approaches and best practice insight.



Jim Dion
Founder & President
Dionco Inc.
Dion is a retail speaker and trainer, retail consultant, and the author of Retail Selling Ain’t Brain Surgery, It’s Twice As Hard, Start and Run a Retail Business and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store. He consults, trains and speaks on consumer trends, retail technology, selling and service, retail merchandising and operations, marketing and leadership. Dion has more than 30 years of progressive retail experience working at Sears, Levi Strauss and Gilmore Department Stores.
Gary Schwartz
President & CEO
Impact Mobile
Schwartz has played a leadership role in the mobile industry, founding Impact Mobile in 2002 and running the first cross-carrier short code campaign in North America. In 2006, he founded the mobile committee for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and has worked to publish literature such as the Mobile Buyer’s Guide, helping extend the digital buy into mobile (for which he received an IAB award for industry excellence in 2009). In 2010, Schwartz was elected Chair of MEF North America with a remit to develop a mobile commerce practice to service brands, retailers and content owners (for which he received a MEF award for industry excellence). Schwartz is the recipient of the Asia and Japan Foundation Fellowship as well as the Macromedia People’s Choice Award and Dodge Foundation Award for Innovation. He authored the upcoming book Click2K’Ching: The Mobile Shopper & The Impulse Economy.
Jessica Rotnicki-Magaro
VP Ecommerce North America
Estee Lauder Companies
Throughout her career, Ms. Rotnicki-Magaro has focused on driving consumer connections in the digital retail space. As a key member of the team that launched Macy’s.com in 1997, she began to hone the skills necessary to develop a thriving online commercial experience within a traditional big brand retailer.

Ms. Rotnicki-Magaro joined the Estee Lauder Companies over 10 years ago to guide the launch of Clinique.com, the first eCommerce site in the company portfolio. As Clinique’s lead digital executive, she drove all aspects of the online experience: strategic planning, sales, merchandising, email, mobile, and acquisition/retention programs.

After spending two years helping to develop NFLshop.com, she re-joined the Estee Lauder Companies and currently is devoted to driving ELC’s digital expansion of global eCommerce capabilities. Ms. Rotnicki-Magaro & ELC are committed to remaining at the forefront of the digital transactional landscape by developing a mobile commerce strategy that reflects ELC’s high-touch service model in the personal digital space.

Lora Cecere
Altimeter Group
Lora Cecere is a Partner at Altimeter Group. As an analyst, she has more than nine years of experience in tracking the evolution of new technologies and their role in building consumer value networks. In 2010, Lora led early research at Altimeter on the evolution of social commerce culminating in the first Social Commerce conference in October 2010. She is currently working on a research report on the evolution of social commerce technologies and the impact on value networks. Lora has nine years of research experience leading groups at AMR Research and Gartner prior to her role at Altimeter. She also worked in the design, implementation and marketing of software for 10 years prior to becoming an analyst. Prior to the analyst experience, Lora had fifteen years of experience in manufacturing, distribution and procurement for companeis like Clorox, Kraft/General Foods and Procter and Gamble. She has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tennessee, a MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and post-graduate work in change management from Georgetown. She has over 2000 readers of her blog at www.supplychainshaman.com. You can also join Lora on the social supply chain conversation @lcecere on twitter.
Howard Wilcox
Senior Analyst
Juniper Research
Howard Wilcox is a Senior Analyst with Juniper Research, and is the author of the Mobile Commerce Markets series of reports which includes Mobile Ticketing Markets, NFC Retail Marketing & Mobile Payments, Mobile Money Transfer and Remittances, Mobile Coupons and Smart Posters along with Mobile Payments Strategies and Markets, and Mobile Payments for Digital and Physical Goods.

Howard is frequently interviewed and quoted in the international and mobile media including the Wall Street Journal and CNBC.

With over twenty five years’ experience in the Telecommunications sector, including Director of Industry Intelligence at Marconi, where he served in a variety of analytical roles, Howard has also represented UK Telecoms Industry body Intellect as a Member of the European IT Observatory (EITO) Task Force.

Howard has a BA (Hons) in Business Administration with French from Loughborough University in the UK and a Postgraduate Certificate in Management Development from Coventry University.

Lauren Freedman
The e-tailing group
Lauren Freedman is a seasoned 15-year e-commerce veteran. She founded the e-tailing group, an e-commerce consultancy, in 1993 after an extensive career as a department/specialty store buyer. The company advises retailers on merchandising, strategy and customer experience best practices while simultaneously developing thought leadership and go-to-market strategies for top technology companies. Client projects cover all retail sectors from brick and mortar to catalogers and range from start ups to retail stalwarts as well as best-in-class technology companies. Her company’s annual mystery shopping and merchant surveys provide a comprehensive overview of the state of e-commerce, setting industry standards while simultaneously highlighting best practices. Lauren authored her first book, It’s Just Shopping in 2001.
Brad McDonald
Director of Store Operations and Systems
Sprint Nextel
Brad McDonald is the Director of Store Operations and Systems for Sprint Nextel overseeing systems support and testing for the Consumer sales channels, real estate strategy and programs, and store process improvement. Previously at Sprint, Brad led the Customer Experience Measurement program leading to key programs such as Red Carpet Service, launch of the ‘SPRINT’ customer service model, and Ready Now customer education on devices. Over the same timeframe, Sprint improved from last place among the major carriers to second place in the JD Power and Associates Wireless Retail Customer Satisfaction Study. In addition to his work at Sprint, McDonald has served in various retail store, multi-unit and corporate roles at Best Buy and Sears spanning 30 years.
Jerry Lewis
VP of Technology
Lewis manages all technical vendors, provides architectural and technical guidance to development and QA teams, troubleshoots Moosejaw’s cross-channel WebSphere Commerce applications, and is responsible for all technology decisions related to e-commerce. Lewis has 16 years of experience designing, building, and implementing software and web applications including 11 years of experience with IBM WebSphere and WebSphere Commerce platforms. In his last 2 years at CrossView, Lewis managed the ongoing architecture, development, performance tuning, and testing of existing WebSphere Commerce applications. According to Lewis, he is much funnier that the other Jerry Lewis and less focused on raising money via the telephone. He admits that his two daughters, Georgiana and London, 4 and 2, make most of the important decisions in the Lewis household, including what brand of chicken nuggets will be served for dinner, and what type of popsicle looks most like a rainbow.
Jason Goldberg
VP of Strat and Customer Experience
Jason Goldberg is a shopper marketer with more than 20 years of experience in the retail industry. In this role, he has led innovative teams that have fundamentally changed the way consumers shop and make purchasing decisions. His unique expertise has helped retailers create millions of daily customer engagements, delivering billions of dollars in annual revenue. Over the past 10 years, Jason has served as a principal customer experience consultant for major retailers and well-known brands, including Best Buy, Levi Strauss & Co, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Sony, T-Mobile, Target, Walmart and many others. He has held senior leadership positions in marketing and product management for multiple West Coast-based firms focused on the retail industry. He started his career with Commodore Business Machines and served as a senior director of marketing at Blockbuster Entertainment. In addition to specializing in in-store and mobile shopping experiences, Jason’s expertise also includes visual merchandising, environmental design, customer experience architecture, interactive merchandising and digital signage. He is a graduate of the University of California at Irvine.
Emily Keye
Marketing Strategist
Bronto Software
Emily is Email Marketing Strategist at Bronto, where she delivers strategic consulting services to retail clients including education on email marketing best practices and standards, client campaign optimization and tactics for success. Emily works with an array of B2B and B2C clients to plan, construct, implement, and test email marketing lifecycle programs. In her previous position as an Email Marketing Manager, Emily was responsible for generating millions in revenue from email using re-engagement methods, automated and triggered messages, sweepstakes, and more.



Session Agenda:

On-Demand The Moosejaw Experience: Engaging With The Brand Across The Customer Lifecycle
Moosejaw uses technology innovatively to engage its customers in conversation and to make the brand experience fun. The company shares customer reviews and provides a digital catalog on Facebook that is connected to its online store. Combining loyalty with its social efforts, Moosejaw rewards customer for interacting, not just transacting. During this presentation Lewis will share some Moosejaw successes and have an interactive conversation with Goldberg about industry insights and Moosejaw’s work with Crossview.

On-Demand Consumer Implications Of The Mobile Wallet
This session will highlight the progression of the mobile channel, forward-looking forecasts on NFC and its role in retail, as well as case study examples of how retailers are winning with mobile.

On-Demand What Every Retailer Can Learn From Apple
Best selling author and speaker Jim Dion will be keynoting the Customer Lifecycle Conference on June 22nd, 2011 with a presentation titled “What Every Retailer Can Learn From Apple.” In this session, Dion will share insights into Apple’s unique approach to marketing, store design, technology and customer experience management.

On-Demand Meeting The Multi-Channel Needs Of The NextGen Customer
Freedman will share research and real-world examples covering three areas of the next generation of retailing: (1) The Plumbing: how technology is giving retailers more efficient and timely information about inventory and getting products in and out of the store.; (2) The Information Revolution: the real-world realities of delivering more robust and relevant information  (3) Greater Access Technologies: how mobile is redefining the way retailers and shoppers interact and react.

n/a Roundtable Chat:
The Channel Innovation Award Winners
During this Roundtable, Retail TouchPoints will recognize the winners of this year’s Channel Innovation Awards ― retailers who are using creativity and innovation to present a unified channel front to shoppers. The award winners are ahead of the curve and are achieving business success in this increasingly competitive and challenging marketplace. Seating is limited. Register Now →

On-Demand Estee Lauder Creates Excitement For Cosmetics With Mobile Technology
Join Jessica Rotnicki-Magaro, VP of Ecommerce North America, to learn about Estee Lauder’s mobile strategies. Rotnicki-Magaro will share success stories, lessons learned and pain points experienced by the cosmetics retailer/supplier. Estee Lauder embraced the use of mobile technology early on: in 2008 the cosmetics company offered an SMS Text Reminder service for gift-givers; in 2009 its Aveda brand rolled out a mobile commerce platform; in 2010 the company ran a mobile ad campaign that included an interactive scratch-off game to “Erase the Wrinkles;” and most recently, in 2011 the Origin brand launched a mobile site. Also during the session, Gary Schwartz of Impact Mobile will discuss mobile strategies with Rotnicki-Magaro and share insights, statistics and trends related to mobile CRM and mobile commerce.

n/a Roundtable Chat:
The Marketing Convergence Of CPG Companies And Retailers
Jessica Rotnicki-Magaro, VP of Ecommerce North America, Estee Lauder will lead a discussion around the topic of how CPG companies are evolving their marketing efforts to reach consumers directly. Whether they are pure CPG firms or combination retail/CPG, these organizations are realizing the value of reaching out to the consuming population to promote their brands. Seating is limited. Register Now →

On-Demand Transactional Message Musts And Missed Opportunities
Bronto Software Marketing Strategist Emily Keye will discuss methods on how to optimize transactional messages to drive revenue for retailers and gain measurable results. Keye will also share how leveraging data to create compelling and accessible information has become more efficient through Internet use.

n/a Roundtable Chat:
Putting the “m” In Front Of Commerce and CRM
Following a joint presentation with Estee Lauder, Gary Schwartz, President and CEO of Impact Mobile, will reconvene with attendees to have an in-depth conversation about the impact of the mobile channel on all aspects of retail. Schwartz recently authored the book titled “Click2K’Ching: The Mobile Shopper & The Impulse Economy.” Seating is limited. Register Now →

On-Demand Social Commerce: The Door To The Store
What started as an interactive marketing phenomena is today redefining cross-channel commerce. In this presentation, Lora Cecere will share insights on the evolution of social commerce, elements that drive success and what will happen in the future. For retailers, it is no longer just about bricks or clicks. Join her to understand why social commerce is not just an extension of e-Commerce, with turnkey insights into the opportunities to redefine the customer experience and disintermediate value networks. Lora will discuss how retailers can learn how to seize both of these opportunities, and will share social media trends and successes, backed up with recent qualitative and quantitative research. She will talk about how companies like Hallmark, Wet Seal and Starbucks have successfully leveraged social media as a vital tool to attract and retain customers.

n/a Roundtable Chat:
Implementing Social Commerce Strategies
Following her presentation “Social Commerce: The Door To The Store,” Lora Cecere will join attendees for a candid Q&A and discussion with event attendees, about social commerce hot topics and strategies for success. Attendees will have a chance to interact with peers and Cecere in order to define go-forward strategies for social commerce success. Seating is limited. Register Now →

On-Demand The Store Is Still The Star
Brad McDonald, Director of Sprint Retail Operations, will discuss why Sprint’s stores are still the star.  After outlining the challenges that Sprint stores face in the current environment, he will detail new technology that has helped enhance the customer experience, increase employee service and productivity, enhance their operations, better manage their inventory, and decrease shrinkage and theft.




CustomerLifeCycle200 Click to Enlarge The increased emphasis on customer-centricity has caused retailers to re-evaluate how to optimize the shopping experience. The foundation of any well-executed consumer-facing strategy begins with a rich understanding of the customer lifecycle. Retail TouchPoints is hosting an exclusive On-Demand virtual event to provide retail executives with turnkey strategies and tactics that will help organizations successfully move customers through the shopping process.

Attendees have the chance to learn from leading industry executives on how to implement and execute best-in-class strategies throughout the customer lifecycle. This virtual event featured live keynote presentations that honed in on hot topics, innovative approaches and best practice insight.

Sessions include:

  • What Every Retailer Can Learn From Apple(Jim Dion, Dionco, Inc)
  • Consumer Implications Of The Mobile Wallet(Howard Wilcox, Juniper Research)
  • Meeting The Multi-Channel Needs Of The NextGen Customer(Lauren Freedman, The e-tailing group)
  • The Moosejaw Experience: Engaging With The Brand Across The Customer Lifecycle
  • Social Commerce: The Door To The Store(Lora Cecere, Altimeter Group)
  • Estee Lauder Creates Excitement For Cosmetics With Mobile Technology(Gary Schwartz, Impact Mobile & Jessica Rotnickie-Magaro, Estee Lauder Companies)
  • The Store Is Still The Star(Brad McDonald, Sprint)

Channel Innovation Awards

During the event Retail TouchPoints announced the 2011 Channel Innovation Awards, recognizing retailers who are using creativity and innovation to present a unified channel to shoppers. The chosen award winners are ahead of the curve in their attention to social media and mobile technology, and they are achieving business success in this increasingly competitive and challenging marketplace.