Buy Online For Shopify POS Adds Save-The-Sale Options

Buy Online for Shopify POS, now available for iPads, gives in-store staff a no-pressure way to engage with shoppers, capture valuable contact information and connect customers directly to the retailer’s e-Commerce store.

While customers are in the store, an associate uses the tablet to help them create an online basket that they can add to while they shop. When the cart is complete, the associate sends a link to the basket directly to the customer via email.

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BJ’s Adds Mobile App With Automatic Coupon Capabilities

The new mobile app from BJ’s Wholesale Club includes an Add-to-Card feature that allows users to digitally select and save coupons directly to their membership cards, with discounts automatically applied during the checkout process. The digital coupon gallery includes both coupons found in BJ’s Little Book of Big Savings and manufacturers’ coupons.

Additionally, the app shows members:

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Nespresso Selects Orange For In-Store WiFi

Nespresso has selected Orange Business Services as its supplier of guest WiFi and Internet services. The coffee company, which operates approximately 600 boutiques worldwide, will deploy the WiFi service in most of its standalone coffee boutiques in more than 35 countries.

“Offering secure Internet connectivity in our boutiques is part of the experience that we create for our customers,” said Jean-Paul Le Roux, Global B2C Head at Nespresso in a statement, adding that “WiFi will play a role in our omnichannel services portfolio.”

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The Creative Face Of Burberry Steps Down

Christopher Bailey, the man behind the creative process that turned UK luxury fashion retailer Burberry into a household name worldwide, will step down from his roles as President and Chief Creative Officer of the company on March 31, 2018.

Bailey has been with the company since 2001, serving as “a driving force behind Burberry’s transformation,” according to a statement. Under Bailey, Burberry moved upmarket, emphasized its British heritage and launched new leather goods such as the Bridle bag.

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‘State Of The Store’ Research Reveals Broken Relationship Among Store Leadership


1squarerootA new study from Square Root has revealed a significant lack of alignment between retail brands and store leadership.

The 2018 State of the Store report polled more than 1,300store and district managers in the U.S. and Canada across several retail categories, including apparel and footwear, electronics, luxury, sporting goods, home improvement, outlet, health and beauty, and more. Respondents reports an average Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of -20%, revealing a lack of corporate alignment, miscommunication and outdated tools and technologies among store leadership.

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True Religion Emerges From Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, RadioShack Gets Exit Approval

While more than a dozen retailers have gone bankrupt in 2017, True Religion and RadioShack are the latest retailers to swing themselves back in the right direction — at least for now.


True Religion officially emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Oct. 25, less than four months after filing in July. Under a reorganization plan, the company closed 27 stores, reduced its term loans from $471 million to $113.5 million and extended its debt maturities to 2022. Citizens Bank provided $60 million in debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing, and also is providing the exit loan of $60 million to help the retailer.

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Chatbots Provide Innovation Retailers Seek For Customer Experience

0aaBrian Heikes 3CInteractiveInnovation in communication tools has advanced greatly, giving convenience to retailers and consumers today in their connections with each other. The web, mobile marketing and smartphone applications have turned into the vessel of everyday communications. It is hard to envision what new advancement can come in and sweep over the latest tools.

One tool that is making the retail world turn is a tool that is gaining more popularity: Chatbots.

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AR Advances Spark Consumer Interest: Will Retailers Grab The Opportunity?

Do you remember when the world went wild over the augmented reality (AR) game Pokémon Go? It was the first time we saw the mainstream potential of AR and how it could affect the retail industry. Businesses quickly jumped on the AR bandwagon by paying for “Lures” to add Pokémon to their radius, and ultimately bring consumers closer to their businesses when they went out hunting for characters.

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E-Commerce Expected To Redefine Manufacturing And Distribution

0aaAndrew Atkinson Grand CanalsThe Internet has disrupted everything from education to government to personal communications. E-Commerce turned brick-and-mortar retail, transportation and logistics upside down. Now, in the business-to-business (B2B) space, a convergence of maturing technologies is set to disrupt supply chains, distribution networks and inventory management. Lora Cecere, a noted supply chain expert, points out that less than 28% of orders and shipments are currently processed hands-free. As the complexity of global supply chains intensifies and the pace of business accelerates, manual processes will not be able to keep up.

B2B is ripe for digital transformation, but integrating and scaling e-Commerce systems across distribution networks presents many challenges. Globally, Frost & Sullivan puts the 2020 B2B eCommerce market size at $6.7 trillion in sales, representing 27% of worldwide manufacturing trade. Forrester Research predicts that by 2020, B2B e-commerce sales in the U.S. will pass $1.1 trillion, comprising 12% of total B2B sales. According to experts, in the U.S. manufacturers and wholesalers are the primary drivers investing in e-Commerce platform solutions. Gartner estimates the digital commerce platform market will grow at 15% CAGR through 2020.

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Merchandise Payments To Unlock Customers’ Buying Power

0aaaBrianGreen FirstDataSuccessful businesses are great at merchandising their wares so that consumers are compelled to buy. We experience this in the inviting layout of the Apple Store, Amazon’s intuitive e-Commerce site and via well-designed menus at restaurants like Chick-fil-A. While merchandising goods and services is a longstanding practice, businesses are now increasingly looking at how consumers pay for those goods as a merchandising category of its own.

Merchandising payments is not new in and of itself; my local furniture chain is best known for its “don’t pay a cent event,” which says more about how you pay than what you buy. Starbucks has more money on its Starbucks loyalty cards than some banks have in deposits, and many of us define our loyalty to a petroleum brand by the payment dongle on our key chain.

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