Mastercard Acquires Biometric Security Provider

Mastercard is buying NuData Security, which identifies authentic end users based on their online, mobile app and smartphone interactions as well as biometric markers. The NuDetect technology assesses, scores and learns from each online or mobile transaction, and is designed to enable retailers and financial institutions to make near real-time authorization decisions.

“The addition of NuData will build on our layered security strategy to safeguard each and every transaction across the globe,” said Ajay Ballah, President of Enterprise Risk and Security for Mastercard in a statement. “The combination of session and biometric information will provide even richer context around potential cyber and device-specific threats, enabling us to deliver even greater trust and peace of mind.”

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Beyond Authenticity: Winning consumer trust through co-creation, transparency and typography

Did you know that 56% of consumers are more-likely to buy a product they saw in a user-generated image? Today’s cynical consumers want to be part of your brand’s story, rather than merely being sold to.

Read the E-book Beyond Authenticity: Winning consumer trust through co-creation, transparency and typography, and understand the importance of:

  • Building trust with consumer involvement;
  • Boosting brand authenticity with transparent business practices; and
  • Choosing design and typefaces that reflect the brand DNA

Download this E-book to drive consumer trust for your brand.

5 Visual Marketing Predictions For Brands

Visual marketing has taken on an extraordinary importance for brands in 2017. Olapic has made five predictions for the near-term:

  • Consumer-led marketing will reach full-maturity;
  • Brands will have more visual, less transactional relationships;
  • Personalization will be a mandate for relevance and loyalty;
  • Brands will rank quality over quantity in their visual content efforts; and
  • Both VR and AR will fail to live up to their hype…for now.

Download this white paper and learn how you can include these ideas into your brand’s evolving marketing strategies.

Colleen Wegman Named President, CEO Of Wegmans


1cwegmanWegmans is keeping its business in the family. CEO Danny Wegman has named his daughter Colleen as President and CEO of Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., while he stays on as Chairman.

Colleen Wegman joined the family-owned company in 1991. She has held numerous positions in the company, including store manager, director of e-Commerce and vice president. She was named president by her late grandfather Robert B. Wegman in 2005.

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6 Ways E-Commerce Has Matured In 20 Years

E-Commerce technology such as real-time inventory management, customer reviews and personalized product recommendations have increased their market penetration by more than 50% over the last 10 years, and they can now be found on more than 90% of retailer web sites.

These are just a few of the advances that have helped e-Commerce grow since Lauren Freedman, SVP of Digital Strategy at Astound Commerce, began studying the segment in 1996. “The current e-Commerce experience is almost unrecognizable from that of 20 years ago,” Freedman said.

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In a new report, 20/20 Vision: Looking Forward by Looking Back at 20 Years of Digital Shopping Innovation, Astound Commerce analyzed 281 metrics across 100 retailers and evaluated each metric’s increase in market penetration since it was first introduced. The report ties together 20 years of e-Commerce research and analysis to illustrate the digital accomplishments that have made the biggest impact on the customer experience:

Product Visualization: Alternative views and color change existed on just 12% and 13% of retail sites respectively when they were first analyzed by the e-tailing group. Today, these features can be found on 96% and 92% of sites.

Customer Reviews: Product reviews by consumers joined the survey in 2005 at a 32% rate, but they are now seen on 94% of sites, indicating consumers are placing increased stock in validation from their peers.

Product Personalization: Personalized product and shopping cart recommendations were at 44% market penetration in 2001; today they are featured  on 99% and 90% of e-Commerce sites, respectively.

Alternative Payment Options: When PayPal was first introduced to the survey in 2007 it was featured on only 22% of e-Commerce sites. Rising demand for alternative payment options has prompted 83% of the top 100 retailers to offer PayPal today.

Real-Time Inventory: Inventory visibility across digital and physical channels was available on less than a quarter (24%) of retail sites when first analyzed in 1999. Today, 95% of retailers offer consumers visibility into product availability across channels.

Post-Purchase Features: Post-order merchandising such as product recommendations related to a past purchase was initially offered on only 38% of sites in 2003. It’s now offered on 90% of retailer sites, reflecting a larger focus on customer interactions and upselling after the initial purchase.

The continuous reinvention of e-Commerce is still going on. “With next-generation features such as chatbots, virtual reality, the digitization of brick-and-mortar, and the dominance of disruptors like Amazon and Alibaba, we anticipate the commerce experience will continue to change dramatically over the next five years,” Freedman said

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Money Can’t Fix What’s Broken At Sears Holdings

0atimparryThe end is near, and I believe Q2 2017 will finally be the quarter when Sears Holdings files for bankruptcy and calls it quits. I’m not saying that solely because of its most-recent SEC filings, but also as someone who shops Kmart and Sears stores and e-Commerce sites.

I moved to a small town in Connecticut about a year and a half ago, and quickly became a Kmart shopper. It’s not something I envisioned in life: It’s just that I have two Kmarts conveniently located within about a 15-minute drive of my condo, and the nearest Walmart or Target is at least a half an hour away.

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Amazon Folds Up Parent

Amazon is shutting down its Quidsi division, the parent company of six e-Commerce sites, including and The e-Commerce giant bought Quidsi for $545 million in 2011, but revealed in a statement that the business hasn’t been profitable.

There is no confirmation of when the six Quidsi-affiliated sites will shut down, but once they do, their products will be stocked on Quidsi’s programmers will shift their focus to the AmazonFresh grocery service, which is testing “AmazonFresh Pickup” in two separate Seattle locations.

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