Personalized Home Page Promos Influence 85% Of Shoppers

Personalizing the consumer experience can have a significant impact on the path to purchase, and the effects start the second a would-be shopper enters an e-Commerce site. Personalized home page promotions influence 85% of consumers, while personalized shopping cart recommendations influence 92% of shoppers to complete a purchase, according to research from Kibo.

Less influential personalization techniques include loyalty discounts (55%) and targeted recommendations on product pages (44%).

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How To Get Innovative About Innovation

blairFor me, the days following the NRF Big Show are always a jumble of impressions: cool technologies, interesting new people I’ve met, old friends I’ve run into, and phrases that perfectly capture a concept. One that’s stuck in my mind since the event ended last week was uttered by Bill Lewis, EVP, Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution, Capgemini Consulting: “Retailers need to make innovation a repeatable, predictable process. It’s not just ‘fail fast,’ it’s ‘learn quickly.’”

The phrase is memorable to me for a couple of reasons. For one thing, “fail fast” always seemed like an odd goal. (I get that it really means “fail fast, learn from your mistakes and move on to the next iteration,” but still.) But to me, “learn quickly” puts the focus where it needs to be — on extracting the lessons from your experiments, no matter how big a flop they seem to be.

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2016 Retail Analysis: Thanksgiving To Cyber Monday

Learn how leading retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy,, Target, Toys “R” Us and Walmart led the 2016 holiday season in online pricing and assortment. Download the white paper to unlock key online pricing and assortment results, including:

Availability of the top 100 toys and electronics;
Out-of-stock products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday;
Pricing trends from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday;
Retailers offering the lowest prices; and
Amazon’s average price trend compared to last year.

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7 Critical Campaigns For E-Commerce Marketers In 2017

Learn how leading retailers such as Uncommon Goods, ThinkGeek and Club Monaco deliver customer-centric emails that foster loyalty, win back shoppers and boost revenue. Download this white paper to unlock 7 key campaigns that every e-Commerce marketer needs to implement in 2017, including:

  • Welcome Series;
  • Cart Abandonment;
  • Browse Abandonment;
  • Birthday;
  • Loyal Customers;
  • At-Risk Shoppers; and
  • Win-back.

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Why Did Lose Its Footing?


0ashoescomCanadian e-Commerce retailer abruptly shut down all three of its online brands —, and — as well as its Toronto-based brick-and-mortar store on Jan. 27. The company has been vague about the circumstances of the closings, providing no prior warning.

A limited group of employees will stay on through the next few weeks as the company winds down all operations, according to a company statement. The company notified the remaining employees of the decision on the morning of Jan. 27, and they have been compensated through the end of the month.

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Office Depot Taps Former Lenovo EVP Gerry P. Smith As CEO


1officedepotOffice Depot has appointed Gerry P. Smith as CEO. Smith will succeed current CEO Roland Smith (no relation), who announced his retirement in August 2016. In his new role, Smith will focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving innovation and growth in products and services.

It’s been a bumpy ride for the office supply retailer, as Office Depot has been struggling to stay afloat amidst lackluster sales, store closing plans and a failed merger with rival Staples. The retailer plans to conduct a large executive reorganization to align with its three-year strategic plan in an effort to cut annual costs. Recently, Office Depot announced that it will sell its European business to The Aurelius Group.

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UberRetail Uses Mobile Data To Evaluate Potential Store Locations

UberMedia has released UberRetail, a platform designed to help retailers, restaurants and developers identify and evaluate new storefront opportunities via real-world behaviors of local consumers. 

UberRetail uses mobile device location data to identify regional foot traffic patterns, popular paths-to-purchase and customer density.

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Opterus Releases Store Ops-Center Version 16.3

0aaSS Opterus ImageTask management and store communications solution provider Opterus has released Store Ops-Center (SOC) Version 16.3. The cloud solution is designed specifically to simplify management and execution of store tasks and communications.

This new version of SOC features:

  • An updated dashboard module revamped to support multiple custom dashboards such as Compliance Status, Top News, Quick Links and KPIs;

  • New report types including text and image menus, custom reports and HTML (rich content) areas;

  • SOC links, to link content from SOC modules together into a dashboard or to create simple links from one item to another (i.e. referencing a knowledge base item directly from a task);

  • Dashboard Version Control to allow you to work on a future dashboard before launching it to stores; and

  • Enhanced functionality in the message module, email integrations, forms and issues.

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The State Of Mobile Commerce Search: Preparing For 2017

0aPavanSondur UnbxdMobile commerce has reached its tipping point. Mobile-optimized sites and shopping apps are no longer a “nice to have” for e-Tailers, but an absolute must in order to grow profitability and GMV from mobile channels. This is because e-Commerce has grown to be mobile-first, with the majority of users opting to shop on mobile devices over desktop, accounting for 61% of total e-Commerce traffic.

However, this isn’t the complete picture when it comes to understanding this shift. It turns out that despite the significant shift to mobile, conversions are lower by 63% for mobile as compared with desktop shopping.

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The Mobile Payments Landscape: Who’s Here and What’s to Come?

0aAnthonyNicalo MobifyMobile’s importance isn’t news anymore: 56% of online consumer traffic comes from mobile devices, but many retail marketers are still surprised by the pace of changing customer expectations and the cost and complexity of customer engagement.

The advent of mobile has fractured consumer behavior into hundreds of fleeting mobile moments, while consumers’ expectations of simplicity and convenience have grown exponentially. Consequently, too many brands fail to deliver on those expectations, and that negatively affects sales.

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