Digital Channels Will Influence $2.2 Trillion In Brick-And-Mortar Sales By End Of 2015

Although brick-and-mortar stores continue to acquire the largest share of store sales, consumers are starting to demand more connected, digitally driven shopping experiences.

Because retailers are unable to address consumer demands, there is a gap growing between consumers’ expectations and retailers’ strategies. This gap is referred to as the “New Digital Divide,” and is spurred on by the increasing usage of digital and mobile devices throughout the buying journey, according to research from Deloitte Digital.

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EBay Launches Promoted Listings Service

EBay will launch a new seller advertising service in June called Promoted Listings. Sellers using the service will only pay an advertising fee for items that are actually clicked and purchased. The invitation-only service is available to a limited number of eBay Store subscribers in the U.S., UK, Germany and Australia. EBay plans to expand the program later in 2015.

Through Promoted Listings, eBay sellers can bid for promoted ad space, empowering them to buy prime positioning on search results and boost item visibility. Sellers can bit between 1% and 20% of the item’s sale price, according to eBay.

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National Builder Supply Slashes PPC Spending By 60% With CallRail

While a necessity for most retail businesses, advertising can be expensive and sometimes complicated to manage. To ensure advertising channels and tactics meet expectations, more retailers are relying on the power of analytics.

National Builder Supply, an online wholesaler of lighting, kitchen and bath items, leveraged call tracking services from CallRail to gain further visibility into inbound calls and decrease pay-per-click (PPC) ad spending by 60% within a single month.

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Real-Time Personalization Examples & Ideas for E-Commerce


Everage-cover-SHADOWEvery shopper is unique: Different tastes, preferences, purchase patterns and intentions make each buying journey vary from the next.

Do you want to better engage and convert these shoppers using the valuable real estate on your e-Commerce site? This look book features 18 different examples of real-time personalization on e-Commerce sites, giving you the inspiration you need to bring your online shopping experience up a notch!

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Adagio Teas Connects The Digital And Physical Worlds With Omnyverse

Up to 86% of shoppers research products online before they visit a store, according to A.T. Kearney. Retailers are striving to capture the attention of these omnichannel shoppers by better bridging the gap between their digital and physical brand experiences.

Adagio Teas, a purveyor of gourmet teas and relevant accessories, is embracing Omnyverse, an affiliate network from Linkable Networks built exclusively for card-linked offers. Built on top of Linkable Networks technology, Omnyverse is designed to help retailers engage shoppers with digital SKU-level and storewide promotions. Shoppers can redeem these deals automatically and without the need for paper, printing or promo codes.

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Amazon Focuses On Subscription Services To Generate Ongoing Sales, Loyalty

Subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify have significantly shifted the way people consume media. Charging a monthly fee, these subscription services satiate consumers’ appetite for anywhere, anytime access for videos and music. 

Now, retailers such as Amazon are tweaking their business models by including auto-replenishment and subscription services that can help add ease and convenience to consumers’ everyday lives. After all, 63% of shoppers say they are interested in subscription programs where they automatically receive products based on purchase history or preferences, according to Accenture research.

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How Billabong Moved To The Cloud To Focus On The Customer

Today’s retailers are looking to “get out of IT and focus on the customer journey,” noted Branden Jenkins, General Manager, Global Retail at NetSuite. Jenkins explained that “retailers must transform their systems and the way they engage with customers.” One way to manage that transition is to move to a single commerce system in the cloud. During the 2015 NetSuite SuiteWorld event, billion-dollar retailer Billabong announced the implementation of NetSuite SuiteCommerce across 10 different brands throughout 20 different countries. Other retailers using NetSuite to focus better on the customer include Alton Lane and Lovesac. These retailers were among more than 7,000 attendees at the SuiteWorld event in San Jose, Calif. in May.

Lovesac: The Journey From Singular Channels To Omnichannel

A fast-growing furniture retailer, Lovesac has expanded to 60 stores and an online business in 10 years. To continue on a strong growth path, Lovesac needed a flexible and scalable commerce solution. With 400 fabric choices, several cushion choices and combined in-store and online purchasing, “the complexities were too much for a traditional point of sale system,” noted Kim Dietz, Product Manager, Omnichannel for Lovesac during the NetSuite SuiteWorld event. In beta testing NetSuite’s new SuiteCommerce InStore solution, Lovesac has found the complete system to meet its needs. When researching new solutions, Lovesac “starts with the customer,” explained Darren Johnson, Senior Director of E-Commerce, rather than “building solutions for technology’s sake.”