Worldpay And CAN Capital Grant SMBs Access To Extra Capital

worldpayWorldpay, a payment technology and services company, and CAN Capital, a provider of alternative capital for SMBs, have renewed their relationship to offer merchants access to additional working capital.

CAN Capital uses proprietary risk models combined with daily performance data to evaluate business performance and facilitate access to capital.

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Belk Draws 1.1 Million Sweepstakes Entries With Santa Baby Campaign

During the 2014 holiday season, southern lifestyle retailer Belk held the Santa Baby Sweepstakes, which was designed to spread holiday cheer and encourage consumers to engage with the retailer across channels.

Developed in partnership with HelloWorld, the campaign drew 1.1 million sweepstakes entries. Belk also saw 233,500 registrations stemming from various activities, such as creating personalized eCards, sharing the sweepstakes microsite on social media and following the retailer on Instagram and Twitter.

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2015 Referral Marketing Best Practices


Extole-Ebk-2-2015-SHADOWA marketer’s job is to win new customers, and there are a number of tools, such as SEO and SEM, that help accomplish this. Referral marketing is another powerful option that reaches customers in ways other channels cannot. Rather than relying on chance, hoping potential customers will voluntarily search for a brand, referral marketing can reach high-quality potential customers directly through their friends and family.

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PETSporium Expands Beyond The EBay Marketplace With Terapeak

Small business owners often look to e-Commerce to boost brand awareness and generate new sales opportunities. However, with little resources, it is sometimes challenging for these entrepreneurs to understand the retail industry and see success.

PETSporium, an online retailer of pet products, managed to expand its sales from a single eBay marketplace into three eBay stores, an e-Commerce site and an Amazon store, with the help of market analytics solution provider Terapeak. Two years ago, as owner Glen Scott was trying to get the pet care business off the ground, he discovered Terapeak and subscribed to the company’s services after going through  a free trial period.

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Revionics Partners With Strategix To Extend Into New Markets

revionicsRevionics is partnering with Strategix, a provider of category management and retail execution solutions to extend its presence worldwide.

Revionics End-to-End Merchandise Optimization solutions leverage predictive analytics to help retailers create and execute more effective promotions and pricing strategies. Under the agreement, the companies will combine Revionics’ Price and Promotion Optimization solutions with the retail market domain knowledge of Strategix. Strategix also will support Revionics’ sales and implementation efforts for all German-speaking countries, Central Europe and Russia.

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57% Of Online Purchases Are Returned Due To Retailer Error

returnsBy analyzing returns data, retailers can better understand consumers’ preferences and behaviors. Additionally, this data can help organizations survey their internal supply chain and warehousing proficiencies.

However, there is still plenty of work to be done as retailers strive to minimize return rates and maximize customer satisfaction, according to research from Voxware.

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