BaubleBar Implements Video Customer Engagement

With Nina Alexander-Hurst, BaubleBar

Nina Alexander-Hurst accepts a Customer Engagement Award from Retail TouchPoints. Her customer experience team is called SWAT (Service With Accessorizing Talent). “Everyone is really excited to engage with the customer and figure out new and exciting ways to do that,” Alexander-Hurst explained. To that end, BaubleBar created a video shopping experience with the help of vee24 to “take the friction out of the online shopping experience.” Shoppers are able to engage one-on-one with stylists to help choose their fashion jewelry items.

DGROUP Helps Implement Successful Cross-Channel Solution At E-Plus Gruppe

With Marcus Hoischen, Associate Partner, DGROUP

Marcus Hoischen, Associate Partner with DGROUP worked with Germany-based E-Plus Gruppe to implement a new cross-channel strategy. He emphasizes the importance of executive sponsorship for any project, but specifically for cross-channel initiatives. As an implementation partner, “We delivered quick successes,” Hoishcen noted. “Within eight weeks we delivered our first use case.” Now implemented across all 400 stores, the OneView Commerce solution is delivering profitable results.

How Store Analytics Is Turning Brick Into The New Black

With Cliff Crosbie, SVP of Global Retail, Prism Skylabs

A key theme at the National Retail Federation’s annual BIG Show was the reinvention of the brick-and-mortar store. New technology is empowering retailers to create more enjoyable and memorable customer experiences. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Cliff Crosbie, SVP of Global Retail at Prism Skylabs, outlines how store analytics is helping retailers understand the customer path-to-purchase, and how that can help improve merchandising and overall store layout.

“Retailers can understand what happens online and there’s a lot of data around that,” Crosbie said. “But they can’t always understand what’s happening in the store. We’re trying to help them better understand the customer journey and make changes to the experience accordingly.”

Mastering The Art And Science Of Pricing

With Anthony Smith, Director of Science Services, Revionics

The importance of being price-competitive is no longer limited to the holiday season. In order to stand out against competitors while maximizing profits, retailers must learn to craft more efficient pricing and promotions strategies.

During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Anthony Smith, Director of Science Services at Revionics, discusses how retailers can use Revionics solutions to adjust and adapt their strategies based on customer preferences as well as competitor data.

Volusion Secures $55 Million In Funding

Volusion Logo BlueVolusion, a provider of e-Commerce software and services, has secured $55 million in a financing round led by Main Street Capital Corporation. The company will use the funds to further develop the Mozu enterprise solution and modernize the Volusion SMB platform.

Mozu, an API-first platform introduced in January 2014, is designed to bring clients to market faster and more cost effectively.

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Kate Spade To Shutter All Saturday And Jack Spade Stores

Kate Spade & Company has announced that it would shut down all Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade stores by the summer of 2015. 

Currently, the company operates 28 Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade stores worldwide, including Saturday’s 3,000-square-foot location in SoHo, New York City. The SoHo store opened shortly after the success of the digital display store, which was developed in partnership with eBay Inc. 

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Celerant Conversion Center Offers Cart Abandonment Recovery And Live Cart Tracking

celerantCelerant Technology has unveiled the Conversion Center module for e-Commerce merchants, allowing retailers to respond to potential shopping cart abandonment in real time. The Conversion Center provides visibility into shopping carts, allowing retailers to convert customer orders and provide shipping options.

Celerant Conversion Center logs customer information in a marketing automation database when an email address is entered during the checkout process. Using the module, retailers set their own rules for how and when to contact unconverted customers, and can provide offers to help close the sale such as discount codes, free shipping or shopping assistance from a representative.

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Office Depot Enhances Online Shopping Experience With CoreMedia

Office Depot, Inc., the office product retailer that includes Office Depot and OfficeMax brands, has selected CoreMedia LiveContext to streamline author collaboration and reduce time-to-market on integrated campaigns for

Using CoreMedia LiveContext, e-Commerce and marketing professionals can amplify their e-Commerce product catalogs with marketing content to create a more compelling online shopping experience.

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J. Hilburn Brings Personalization To The Store With NYC Pop-Ups

Menswear brand J. Hilburn is focused on optimizing the art of personalization. With more than 3,400 “stylists” nationwide, J. Hilburn relies on this network to generate brand awareness, build a strong clientele and sell a vast assortment of apparel.

But that doesn’t mean the stylists do the lion’s share of marketing. Quite the contrary: J. Hilburn is poised to address challenges associated with engaging and marketing to current and potential stylists, as well as engaging shoppers. To address these two significantly different marketing goals, the brand has adopted a variety of physical retail strategies, including trunk shows, showrooms and most recently, pop-up shops.

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