60% Of Shoppers Say Retailers Offer Above-Average Customer Service

RR KANA imageRetailers are constantly looking for innovative ways to provide top-notch customer service to their shoppers. Survey results from KANA Software, a subsidiary of Verint Systems, concludes that shoppers, overall, are happy with their experiences with retailers.

More than half (60%) of shoppers rated retailer customer service efforts at least a seven on a scale of one to 10 (with one being the worst and 10 being excellent), according to the study, titled: Consumers Sound Off On Customer Service In The Retail Sector. KANA Software gathered feedback from more than 100 shoppers during April 2014 to gauge consumers’ perceptions of past customer service experiences with retailers.

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8 Tips To Find And Retain Customers In The Age Of ADD

VP site only Merchant Warehouse head shotThe average American’s attention span has plummeted over the past decade from 12 minutes to a shockingly brief eight seconds — shorter than that of a goldfish — according to a recent study. This means people spend significantly less time in any one place and spread their attention thinly over many sites, apps and information sources. In this climate, it can be a real challenge for businesses to compete for consumer attention.

Digital natives, in particular, can be difficult to reach. They have largely grown up with computers and have a practically innate ability to filter out content that doesn’t interest them. For business owners who want to succeed today, it’s imperative to figure out how to stand out from the crowd and grab a small slice of this already-miniscule attention span.

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5 Widespread Myths About Localized Assortment

VP Emnos head shotAs retailers continue to harness the power of their data and invest in the infrastructure necessary to support internal analytics and customer-centric decision-making, more and more merchandising executives are struggling with the decision of whether or not to move to a localized assortment model. While numerous retailers have been very successful with localizing their merchandising operations and many are now experimenting in this space, a number of myths still plague the retail community.

Although the transition to a localized model can be a momentous undertaking, retailer hesitation often stems from a lack of true understanding.  Here are the five biggest myths surrounding localized assortment:

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DSW Uses Size Optimization To Help Merchandise New Store Mixture

DSW8With 400 stores and growing, DSW is constantly challenged with providing the right selection of shoes for every shopper. Adding a series of smaller format stores to the mix has heightened the challenge.

“These [smaller format] stores are 8,000 to 12,000 square feet so the precision of the assortment has to be right,” said Linda Canada, SVP of Planning and Allocation of the shoe retailer. A typical DSW store is approximately 20,000 square feet, she explained.

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Money 20/20


Money20/20 brings together the worldwide community of innovators who are disrupting the way in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money, and explores the macro trends that form the underlying common thread of innovation, such as the mobile Internet, platform connectivity and interoperability, and consumer empowerment.

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2014 Fashion Digital New York


Through a highly interactive format designed to promote networking, idea-sharing and high-impact learning, the Fashion Digital Series arms attendees with the practical and actionable strategies to achieve significant growth in online retail sales of apparel and fashion. Fashion Digital specializes in spotlighting specific retailers who are successfully implementing innovations to meet their online retail sales goals.

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NACS Show 2014


Every year, the NACS Show brings together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals for four days of learning, buying and selling, networking and fun — all designed to help participants grow and run successful operations. For industry retailers who are serious about the success of their business, the NACS Show is an event you can’t miss.

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U.S. Retailers Rethink Online Strategies To Compete With Amazon

ecommera survey 2Amazon has been identified as a top threat for online-only and multichannel retailers. But that doesn’t mean these retailers are giving up; in fact 66.1% of U.S. retailers believe fellow merchants will benefit from rethinking their online business strategy in order to compete with Amazon, according to a survey of close to 300 pure play e-Commerce and multichannel merchants, conducted by eCommera.

But the survey, titled: Survival Of The Fittest, indicated that U.S. retailers view their business differently than international merchants. Only 24.4% of UK retailers and 40% of merchants in France said businesses needed to refine their strategies to keep pace with Amazon.

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Retail Solution From Salesforce Facilitates Channel-to-Channel Customer Engagement

salesforce1Salesforce.com has released Salesforce1 for Retail, a platform designed for retailers to foster a one-on-one relationship with shoppers across any channel, increase customer satisfaction and drive brand loyalty. The CRM software provider’s global alliance partners Capgemini and PwC have joined the Salesforce1 for Retail ecosystem to develop retail solutions built on the platform.

The retail industry is certainly undergoing a paradigm shift due to the growth of new channels and the infusion of new technologies, and experts at McKinsey & Co. are expecting it to change more in the next three years than it has in the last 50 years. Already, 75% of customers interact with at least two devices during their shopping experience. As many as 69% of customers expect sales associates to be mobile enabled throughout their work day. If these in-store associates are mobile enabled, customers are 50% more likely to shop with them or ask them for assistance.

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