Gamification Offers Measureable Results For Marketing And Engagement


Many retailers utilize social media and mobile marketing tactics to build two-way communication with consumers, increase loyalty and optimize engagement. However, a recent webinar from Badgeville, titled “How Brands Drive Engagement With Game Mechanics,” revealed how retailers can get more bang for their marketing buck across mobile, social and online touch points via gamification.

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Importance Of Visibility


wp_drc_cap_wren_2-2012With the exponential growth of both unstructured and structured data, retailers must determine how to capture and analyze that information in order to institute successful business practices. A visibility strategy is a key component of merchants’ move toward long-term success in an era of the growth of new and different types of multi-media content. The best visibility strategy will include 4 components: 1) leverage data from existing systems; 2) conduct frequent audits; 3) build effective processes; and 4) establish an information clearinghouse.

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Google Reveals Secrets To Multichannel Optimization


Today’s consumers are researching products and potential purchases online, via mobile and tablet devices, and through social recommendations. As a result, retailers are seeking optimal digital marketing methods that will increase engagement and boost conversion rates.

During his keynote presentation at SES New York 2012, Avinash Kaushik, Digital Evangelist for Google, revealed how organizations can tap analytics to measure the success of multichannel initiatives. The event took place March 19-23 in New York City.

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Are Tablets Taking Over Ecommerce?

Tablet computers might seem like a novelty, but the adoption rate suggests otherwise. One in 10 Americans owns a tablet, according to Pew Research Center. And Forrester Research projects that tablets will account for 23% of all PC sales by 2014, surpassing netbooks and desktop.

We examine how the iPad (and other tablets) have changed the way retailers think about the online shopping experience.

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Microsoft Spotlights Customer Successes At 2012 Dynamics Convergence Conference


Convergence2012The growing importance of multichannel retailing and customer relationship management were hot topics at this year’s Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Conference. More than 10,000 industry executives from 50 countries attended, making it the largest Convergence event to date, according to Kirill Tatarinov, President of Microsoft Business Solutions, in his keynote address. During the conference, which took place March 18-21, 2012, in Houston, Microsoft customers from around the world received best practices on how to achieve optimal results from Microsoft solutions, including SharePoint, Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM.

“One of the things we’ve done deliberately that resonates with our customers is making our solutions available globally,” said Michael Griffiths, Global Product Director, Retail and Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics. “Retailers that are opening locations across geographies want to consolidate. Microsoft Dynamics encompasses that: from the POS, to headquarters, to merchandising. We also have a fully-integrated ERP in the back-end and a CRM that complements that.”

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Best Buy, Gilt Groupe And HSN Lead The Pack In Gamification


This is Part III of “Gamification In Retail,” a four-part series discussing the growth of gamification: what it is and how best-in-class retailers are leveraging it. This section investigates the gamification strategies of Best Buy, Gilt Groupe and HSN.
Part I appeared in the March 13 newsletter, and Part II was featured in the March 20 newsletter. Part IV will appear in the April 3 newsletter.

GamificationThe gamification market is on the upswing. Awareness and proliferation of gaming strategies is expected to continue throughout the coming years, according to industry experts.

Gartner predicts that by 2014, more than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one “gamified” application. While many consumers are drawn to games due to the promise of rewards and free goods, analysts reveal that gaming strategies can be applied to motivate and change behaviors.

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Designing The Next Generation Of Wireless Retail Spaces


Puaca“I think we are most interested in the idea of shopping as a new kind of public space. How can we enrich these experiences? Can we bring new content, information, ideas and visual experiences to shopping in a thoughtful and dynamic way?”

This quote, from New York City-based design studio 2×4 Inc., defines the direction in which new types of physical retail locations must go.

The entire retail industry already has experienced a tectonic shift due to e-Commerce, mobile apps and social networking. Brick-and-mortar retailers, cognizant of increased competition from newer virtual retailing, must undergo a similar transformation, but of a different nature.

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VICS Item Level RFID Initiative Leads Charge To Retailing’s Future


AndraskiLet’s flip the page back to June 2010, when VICS held a meeting in San Antonio and the decision was made to form the VICS Item Level RFID Initiative.  This brought together retailers, suppliers, solution providers, educators and associations in what participants consider the most broad based collaborative initiative the retail industry had seen since the adoption of the bar code.

There are several retailers and brands engaged in the use of item level RFID in apparel replenishment that are sharing the benefits they have experienced.  A list of the primary challenges facing these companies, with some applicability to suppliers, clearly illustrates the opportunity for item level RFID in today’s marketplace:

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Stella Nova Mobile Retail Framework Integrates Multichannel Commerce

SNT_logo_2As mobile commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace, today’s mobile shoppers increasingly demand a seamless store experience across a wide variety of channels. A majority (65%) of mobile owners have used their mobile device to find a business to make an in-store purchase, according to Google.

The Mobile Retail Framework is designed to empower retailers with anywhere, anytime, device transacting. It features an HTML 5 cloud-enabled POS application. Mobile Retail Framework was developed specifically to provide local and global retailers with a fast, secure and flexible answer to omnichannel, multi-geography transacting operations. It was created by Stella Nova Technologies, Inc., a Wake Forest, N.C.-based POS and web application provider, and launched at NRF’s Big Show in January 2012.

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