TOTSY And Partner To Provide Parents With Exclusive Deals


Flash sale and daily deal sites provide shoppers with the ultimate incentive to browse and buy. The promise of extreme discounts for curated items, meals and events has driven traffic and hype for companies including Rue La La and Gilt Groupe. TOTSY is a private sale site dedicated to delivering exclusive deals like these to parents. In an effort to increase buzz and purchases, TOTSY has teamed with, an online destination that connects mothers and moms-to-be. Through the partnership, TOTSY will utilize its existing e-Commerce platform to roll out a co-branded private sale site that will cater to’s visitors and subscribers.

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Drive Commerce Growth Through Social Media


cal_3-23In order to achieve social business maturity, organizations must follow a 5-step process consisting of: discovery, experimentation, evangelization, pervasiveness and realization. During his webinar presentation, Ray Wang of Constellation Research will guide attendees through this process. He also will share social commerce best practices and some recent social business study findings.

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Global E-Commerce Shipping Is Not So Simple [Infographic]


In an effort to increase brand awareness, as well online purchase rates, U.S.-based retailers are offering shipping capabilities to shoppers worldwide. However, merchants face a variety of challenges in opening international shipping, including meeting requirements of various U.S. export and international import laws and procedures, according to Kris Green, Chief Strategy Officer for FiftyOne.


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Electronic Labels Move At The Speed Of Retail Promotion


TonyTonyThe U.S. retail department store sector is highly competitive, relying heavily on a multi-channel go-to -market strategy.  While it continues to attract shoppers through targeted mailings, on-line offers and social media, most successful department store retailers depend on frequent in-store promotions across most products and categories to drive sales.

But the sheer number of price changes within a store makes price accuracy and the timely update of store signage increasingly difficult.  The costs associated with personnel who have to replace paper signage along with ongoing sign production costs can diminish a retailer’s profits.

With U.S. retailers faced with the high cost of implementing ever-increasing promotion frequency, and with less time and staff to allocate to price and promotional sign changes on the sales floor, the time has arrived for graphical displays to replace a decades-old paper technology.

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Organizing for Success with Digital Retail


calendar_3-27The retail landscape continues to evolve quickly, driven greatly by the information and options provided to consumers through the digital world (social media and e-commerce, for example). What does this new reality mean to traditional retail functions like merchandising, supply chain, store operations and marketing? And how are leading retailers adapting their organizations to overcome challenges and leverage opportunities?

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Delivering a Legendary Customer Experience Through Your Workforce

March 29th at 1pm ET

March 29th at 1pm ETRetailers are competing on the customer experience more than ever. Landmark statistics on the workforce’s role in the customer experience were recently released in a joint Empathica and Axsium whitepaper based on the results of a recent consumer insights survey. Insight uncovered consumer outcomes relating to different elements of the customer journey.

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Analyzing The Mobile Consumer Part II: Personalization Vital To Customer Loyalty And Engagement


Part II of a two-part series discussing the browsing and buying preferences of the mobile consumer. Part I appeared in the February 21 newsletter.

shutterstock_94228792Mobile technology has become an integral part of the browsing and buying journey. Shoppers are tapping into their smartphones at home, in store aisles, and on-the-go to explore possible purchases, compare prices at different locations, and retrieve special offers and coupons.

Best-in-class retailers are responding by building relationships with shoppers via smartphone devices to create more memorable and interactive brand experiences. By sending personalized messages via SMS and push notifications, based on consumers’ browsing and buying behaviors, retailers are able to incentivize customers with targeted offers.

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Nielsen Research To Address Economic Recovery At GlobalShop Conference


GlobalShop1Todd Hale, SVP of Consumer and Shopper Insights of Nielsen Research, will address the past, present and future landscape of retail during his keynote address at the GlobalShop store design and shopper marketing trade show and conference. The 20th Anniversary event is being held in Las Vegas, February 29 to March 2, 2012.

In his keynote session, titled “Insights Into Our Economic Recovery: Tracking Trends That Matter,” Hale will discuss the ways retailers can drive sustainable growth.

The show’s opening session will be delivered by Dr. David Bosshart, CEO of Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, a non-profit organization which conducts scientific research in the social and economic fields. Bosshart’s presentation ― titled “The Slower You Move, The Faster You Die: What the Acceleration of Just About Everything Means For Retail and Shopping” ― will focus on the dividing lines of shopping channels, from brick-and-mortar stores to e-Commerce web sites.

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WirelessWERX Analyzes Mobile Consumer Patterns, Empowers Retailers With Preference Data


WirelessWERXToday’s digitally savvy consumer has high expectations for personalized, relevant interactions across all touch points with a retailer. To provide a winning experience, retailers must develop a deeper understanding of customer behavior and intent. Empowered with rich, qualitative information about shopper preferences, retailers can increase the efficiency of the customer experience from initial engagement to conversion, and ultimately drive store traffic and revenue.

Launched in January 2012, WirelessWERX is a mobile consumer tracking solution designed to enable retailers to garner graphical in-store consumer analytics and insight. The solution utilizes sensory nodes to identify the location of customers with mobile phones and other wireless-enabled devices. Focused on protecting customer privacy and security, the solution does not require a customer download, and can isolate sections of the store as small as a three-foot radius.

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Wiggle Selects RedPrairie WMS, Continues Global Expansion

Online cycling retailer Wiggle has selected RedPrairie WMS as its new warehouse management solution. RedPrairie WMS will ensure Wiggle can manage continued growth effectively within its logistics operation and support its aim to improve customer service. “RedPrairie’s WMS has proven capabilities in a high-volume environment, and will enable us to better manage our growth, while increasing productivity, accuracy and customer satisfaction,” said Nicholas Pink, Operations Director at Wiggle, in a press release. With its recent international success, Wiggle now stocks 250,000 products and ships to approximately 90 countries. In addition to its English e-Commerce web site, Wiggle has local languages in numerous countries, including China, France, Germany, Japan and Russia.