Study Reveals Majority of Retailers Are Under-Utilizing Online Video

As many as 40% of the top retail web sites have no significant video presence, according to a Q4 report released by SundaySky titled State of Video In E-Commerce. Retailers could be missing an opportunity with e-commerce video, considering that the number of views on YouTube for the top 50 online retailers more than doubled in the last six months of 2010 to 369 million total views, SundaySky reported. is the largest user of online video, within Internet Retailer’s list of top 500 online retailers, with more than 185,000 videos available on its site., Home Shopping Network (, and round out the top 5 retailers for number of available videos. But more traditional companies also are using video. Target, Walmart, Nike, Systemax and Cabela’s are retail leaders taking advantage of video as a marketing tool.

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Whole Foods Market Ramps Up “Check-ins” With In-Store Mobile Module

The conversation around location-based mobile applications has created big buzz among retail marketers looking for ways to extend brand outreach and engage mobile shoppers. But when leveraging apps like shopkick or Foursquare, among others, retailers are not reaching customers via their own branded application or channel.

Whole Foods Market recently tapped Digby to leverage the company’s most recent launch, an In-Store Mobile Module, a feature set designed to enable retailers to engage and communicate with customers from the moment they enter the store to the time they leave, all through the retailer’s branded application.

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Stratacache Demonstrates Gestural Technology At Digital Signage Expo In Las Vegas


, a provider of digital signage, content distribution and enterprise video acceleration technologies, exhibited this week at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas. The company demonstrated its newest ActiVia Gestural Interactive technology, and revealed the latest feature of its ActiVia for Media software.

STRATACACHE applied its Gestural Interactive technology to produce the Gestural Mannequin, a digital display that features dynamic content programmed to respond to consumer hand gestures when motion-based sensors and cameras located on and in digital displays are triggered. The technology powering the Gestural Mannequin — STRATACACHE’s ActiVia for Media software — is linked to store inventory data, revealing specific products for consumers to virtually browse via gestures, then select styles and check inventory to finalize their purchases. The company also introduced an audio feature for its ActiVia for Media software. The new audio software contains advanced music transitioning features, including cross-fade, fade-in, or fade-out options, which retailers can integrate into their in-store environments. Continue reading “Stratacache Demonstrates Gestural Technology At Digital Signage Expo In Las Vegas”

Solution Spotlight: Medallia Mines Customer Feedback With Text Analytics



Text Analytics Solution enables organizations to gather insight from consumers by mining unstructured, text-based feedback from surveys. Launched in November 2010, Medallia’s Text Analytics Solution is designed to ensure that consumer opinions are visible to key decision-makers within retail organizations to implement business process change. If customer experiences are improved, the expectation is that consumers will return to purchase additional products and/or services.

Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Medallia is led by President Amy Pressman and CEO Borge Hald. Medallia’s text analytics solution was created by the company’s in-house engineering team. The solution is based on Medallia’s proprietary Impact Index (MII), a statistical indicator calculated to measure the impact of a particular topic on a company’s overall satisfaction score.

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The New Growth Imperative: How Innovative Companies Are Using Unique Strategies & Channels To Drive Margin Expansion


oracle_drc_ebook_templateInnovative retail companies are focusing on three key operational areas in order to drive margin expansion. Through Planning, Merchandising and Creating Operational Efficiencies, successful retailers are turning the economic downturn on its heels and developing new ways of doing business. Enterprise IT spending is on the rise; companies like Best Buy, Talbot’s and Crocs are leading the charge to drive growth through best-in-class IT implementations. This eBook explores the three defining strategies and the best practices of leading retailers.

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5 Fundamental Live Chat Mistakes


By Steve Castro-Miller, President and CEO, Bold SoftwareSteve_Castro-Miller.Bold_8_x_10_vert

In the past, many businesses thought of live chat technology as a one-dimensional tool best used for sales or service, but not both. Today’s knowledgeable retailers know that you can’t have one without the other. Sure, live chat can be valuable for economically and effectively supporting customers, but its ability to help agents drive conversions is as true as using customer service phone agents to help sell products. But only if you do it right.

While implementing live chat is incredibly easy, a “set it and forget it” approach can jeopardize customer relationships and hamper sales opportunities. Here are five live chat pitfalls retailers need to avoid:

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TouchPoints TV: Brad Malmberg, LightSpeed

Brad Malmberg, LightSpeed

Brad Malmberg, Training Manager from Xsilva, describes the company’s LightSpeed Point of Sale system designed for Mac computers and mobile devices running iOS. With these solutions store associates can conduct processing sales on the sales floor by browsing products visually and finding related products for upsell, then processing the sale. Once products are added to an electronic invoice, the system can conduct internal credit card processing or use an external terminal for payment by cash. The system also features a back-end browser that has an “iTunes-like look and feel.” LightSpeed also introduced a new app for the iPad or the iPhone which can conduct product lookups using a mobile device.

Locayta Launches Shopping Widget for Online Retailers

, a provider of site search and online merchandising solutions, has launched Locayta Shop Window, a click-to-buy shopping widget that online retailers can deploy on third-party sites to extend their online presence. As online shopping continues to grow, retailers are challenged to meet shoppers’ needs for more innovative and proactive ways to engage with brands. Retailers are striving to extend the reach of their online stores as well as optimize the value of display advertising on third-party sites.

Locayta Shop Window offers retailers the ability to add additional sales channels, which can be deployed wherever a retailer might otherwise use display advertising on third-party sites. It operates as a virtual retail store and is activated by a click or mouse-over on the retailer’s image, video or text advertisement.

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Stuart Weitzman Implements Ship-From-Store Software From VendorNet


stuFootwear retailer and designer Stuart Weitzman has implemented VendorNet’s StoreNet software that will integrate the inventory management system with e-commerce fulfillment, helping to save sales both on the Internet and in-store.

Stuart Weitzman has recognized the benefits and importance of facilitating a seamless multi-channel experience. “StoreNet will help us ensure we deliver the complete shopping experience including seamlessly fulfilling orders regardless of the sales channel,” said Phil Kodroff, Vice President, Distribution and MIS at Stuart Weitzman. “If our warehouse or a store is out-of-stock, we can leverage StoreNet to route the order to another location for fulfillment. We don’t disappoint our customers, and we optimize our inventory, a win for our customers and our bottom line.”

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Retail executives from, Totsy, and Caboodle joined sponsor dotbox to discuss social commerce trends during Social Media Week in New York City in February.AIDA

During an event welcome, Ashley Heather, Founder and CEO of dotbox shared his thoughts on the rise of social commerce. “Commerce has been social since day one,” he noted. But the Internet rapidly changed the way the consumers interact with and experience retail brands,  Heather added. dotbox, panel discussion sponsor, is a New York City-based agency that provides e-commerce organizations with solutions to integrate social media.

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