Steve Madden Puts Mobile Storefront to Work for Customers


iphone_maddenMobile madness
has struck the retail industry full force in the last year. The potential to lend yet another channel to the customer offers a supplement to the customer experience, both in-store and online.

As part of last week’s Retail 3.0 Virtual Conference & Expo, Andrew Koven, President of E-Commerce & Customer Experience at Steve Madden, shared a case study example of how the shoe & apparel retailer is putting mobile to work.

“We believe mobile provides for that unique informational device wherever, whenever and however,” Koven said during his session titled “Engaging the Mobile Consumer: Strategies to Optimize Customer Acquisition, Conversion and Retention.” “We’re supporting the purchase and the confidence building for the consumer to make that investment in our product.” Continue reading “Steve Madden Puts Mobile Storefront to Work for Customers”

Transforming Retail: From Bricks to Clicks


By Leslie Belcher, President, Jesta I.S. Inc.

belcher_smallThe economic downturn created a challenging environment for retailers as the concentration of consumer spending has had a direct effect on overall retailing. Individuals are looking more closely at their discretionary spending and are cutting back most on non-essential products while performing more active price comparison. Today, Internet retailing enables consumers to compare prices, save money and limit their delivery costs.

The traditional brick-and-mortar retailers built their IT infrastructure in a piecemeal fashion using legacy merchandising and planning systems to support their growing business (although now it is becoming more expensive to sustain). In the 1990s, the catalog/call-centre system was introduced to manage that sales channel. Presently, various new Web-based e-commerce platforms are helping to grow the business by effectively tying together processes and procedures for the internet channel, with systems that help ensure service excellence by giving the customer the opportunity to buy anything, anywhere, anytime.

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Viewpoints Acquires Ecoscene; Adds User-Generated Reviews of Green Products

Viewpoints Network
, a social technology and media company recently announced that it has acquired Ecoscene, the two-year old Chicago-based consumer reviews Web site focused on green products.

Viewpoints’ purchase of Ecoscene offers existing members of, the second fastest going product reviews site on the web, with access to authentic and well vetted consumer reviews of hundreds of environmentally friendly products.  Further, it encourages and motivates visitors to consider trying, buying and providing feedback on the fast-growing sustainable products industry.

“We are excited to welcome Ecoscene readers and fans to the Viewpoints community,” said Matt Moog, President & CEO of Viewpoints Network. “There is a huge demand for eco-friendly products as consumers become more environmentally conscious. Those consumers who are already following the category are very active and outspoken individuals – just the type of consumers we want coming to to share their product feedback and help other consumers make smarter purchase decisions.”

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Aligning the Changing Customer Journey to Retail Growth Strategies


Register today to attend this unique webcast to gain insight into how the world’s leading retailers are collecting, analyzing and transforming based upon customer feedback to improve all areas of their retail operations. The webcast will focus on 5 Proven Strategies You Should be Leveraging to Increase Sales Margin, Customer Loyalty and Improve Store Execution and will provide specific examples of how retailers have improved their customer experience and operating efficiency around key areas such as:
  • Store Execution
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Workforce Deployment
  • Visibility of Multi-Channel Experience
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

The webcast will also provide real-world case studies of how a leading retailer increased their customers’ average basket size by 30% across thousands of their locations, as well as how a leading apparel retailer, with over 200 stores, improved customer satisfaction scores by 3% within the first six months of program adoption, increasing yearly revenue by over $4M.


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Shopper Identified Transaction Data Driving Next Gen Retail Ecosystem


facebook_imageThe next generation retail industry ecosystem will be driven by relevant marketing to the individual shopper, according to the keynote presentation during by Gary Hawkins at yesterday’s Retail 3.0 Virtual Conference & Expo. Hawkins defined Retail 3.0 as “real-time marketing and supply chain synergies, built on the foundation of shopper-identified transaction data.”

The CEO of Hawkins Strategic, a firm that spearheads efforts to gather, understand and use detailed customer data in the retail industry, said customer centricity will become a competitive necessity as part of next generation retailing.

To access this and other sessions from the Retail 3.0 event on demand, please click here.

Solution Spotlight: First Insight Brings Consumer Trends to Retail Decision Makers


First Insight is aimed at connecting retailers and manufacturers to the voice of the consumer to optimize and streamline critical business decisions. By tapping into the current thinking of large groups of consumers through online casual games and applying predictive analytics, First Insight’s solution is designed to gives retailers the power to generate early insight on trends, attributes and product demand, before they make their purchasing decisions. 

Consumers are identified through various avenues of social media, their current insights are gathered through casual games and then predicative analytics are applied.  The resulting solution offers a real time, ahead-of-the-trend view of consumer behavior, which retailers can use to truly sense product demand.  Consumers also benefit because they are given a more active voice in the retailing process, expressing what they want and will be more likely to buy.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh with offices in Boston and India, First Insight is led by an experienced management team with interdisciplinary expertise in merchandising, market research, consumer intelligence, operations research and software application development.

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Bazaarvoice Teams with Google to Bring Product Reviews to Google Search and Ads

, a leader in hosted social commerce applications yesterday announced at the Social Commerce Summit 2010 that it has partnered with Google to share high-quality product review content from Bazaarvoice client sites on Google Web Search, Google Product Search and Google AdWords ads.

The integration is designed to enable retailers and manufacturers using Bazaarvoice to leverage their product review content to drive more high-quality traffic from Google, and provide brand exposure to qualified shoppers. Consumers benefit from immediate access to opinions from other customers as they research and complete purchases, adding relevance and authenticity. Bazaarvoice is Google’s first publicly integrated platform partner for product review content and is making the new capabilities immediately available to retailers and manufacturers as SyndicateVoice for Search.

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Mobile the Next Frontier for Consumer Marketing


By Jay Henderson, Director of Product Marketing, Unica

j_henderson_smallThe tremendous success and media buzz around Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android have marketers paying a lot more attention to mobile marketing.  With new devices, faster networks and new location-aware technologies, mobile is the next frontier for marketing.  Mobile marketing presents a distinct and unique way to create interactive dialogues with customers; and it’s personal, always on and comes with an integrated response mechanism.

But despite the hype and anticipation, actual adoption of mobile marketing is still small as marketers get the lay of the land.  A little more than one third of marketers (36%) in Europe and North America conducts some type of mobile marketing now with an additional 40% of marketers indicating plans to incorporate mobile marketing. The tactics are still nascent, success is elusive, devices are fragmented, connection costs vary and technology limitations still exist.

For mobile marketing to have a significant impact, companies will have to change their approach – moving away from ad-hoc and one-off mobile projects to developing a more strategic and integrated approach. Continue reading “Mobile the Next Frontier for Consumer Marketing”

Converging the Retail Experience to Connect with the Changing Shopper

Converging the Retail Experience to Connect with the Changing Shopper

Today’s consumers are bombarded by information from the moment they wake up in the morning until they close their eyes at night. The radio or TV may provide the first exposure; cell phones and smart phones light up with text messages, blog posts and tweets; the Internet supplies unlimited access to shopper reviews and price comparisons; and retail lines have blurred as brands previously available in one store can now be purchased in a variety of formats. Today’s savvy retailers have responded by providing a multichannel shopping experience for their customers. But times are changing and the stakes are higher. Retailers focused on thriving in this challenging retail environment must now consider converging those siloed channels, enabling the shopper to interact with them how and when they choose.

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