New Study Shows Mobilility Becoming A Differentiator For Customer Interactions



As more retailers strive to build a long-term relationship with their customers, a recent study showed that mobility and wireless wireless technologies are key drivers to improving customer service and gaining customer intelligence. The Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions Hospitality Barometer found that 82% of respondents reported an increasing importance of mobility within their organization in 2009 to help drive revenue and improve the customer experience. And more than 60% of hospitality decision makers believe these technologies are providing consistent service and competitive advantage.

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New iPhone App Aims To Consolidate Cards And Streamline Loyalty


scanaroo-12In an effort to capitalize on the iPhone’s ability to aggregate and manage information, Cerado, Inc., recently unveiled Scanaroo, an iPhone application designed to consolidate loyalty cards for ease of use.

Using the iPhone’s camera, Scanaroo is designed to take loyalty, insurance, membership and other cards people carry in their wallets, and convert them to digital form that can be stored on the iPhone for easy retrieval. Continue reading “New iPhone App Aims To Consolidate Cards And Streamline Loyalty”

Two Quick Takeaways On Where To Start With Mobile In Retail


Editor’s Note:
This article is the first in a three-part series on mobile and retail that explore where, how and what to leverage when launching mobile strategy.

The 2009 consumer is way ahead of any national retailer’s marketing department.  The consumer is leveraging their phone as a “mobile mouse” to click, search and explore in the mall, in the aisle. The retail CMO is looking for some new-fangled, high-tech way of engaging with this itinerate shopper.  The sage truth is that the marketing department is chasing shadows.

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Video Podcast: Episode 1

Plugged In: Social Shopping

View our first ever video podcast focusing on the retail industry’s marketing strategies. In this week, we focus on a handful of retailers and solutions providers that bring social media and shopping together.

In this episode:

  • Wholefoods
  • Mandee’s
  • Decisionstep
  • Sesh
  • Fluid Social

Conservative Ordering Makes Inventory Strategy Critical To Avoid Stock Outs This Holiday Season



ZZ49710935rsrFearful of cautious consumers this holiday season, retailers may be setting themselves up for failure in the critical Q4 period by keeping inventories too lean. Recent surveys Retail System Research (RSR) indicates that retailers are not ordering enough merchandise to meet even last season’s mediocre level of demand.

With retailers running lean on inventory levels throughout the year, other industry insiders suggest a critical variation between this season’s winners and losers could be the merchants who have set up flexible stock options and can respond quickly to shifts in demand. Continue reading “Conservative Ordering Makes Inventory Strategy Critical To Avoid Stock Outs This Holiday Season” Taps Tag-Based Reviews to Supplement Community Vibe


GreenfeetScreenshot_-_Klean_Kanteen_Bottle_-_REVIEW_SNAPSHOT_and_2_ReviewsOne of the most powerful elements of the cross channel shopping experience is customer reviews. Nearly nine out of 10 US online buyers read customer reviews at least “some of the time” before making a purchase, according to research from The e-tailing Group.

Focused on providing customers with quality natural and earth-friendly products, has been a go-to source for finding green products online since 1997.  “One of the things that brought us to the PowerReviews solution is that ‘green’ is becoming more competitive,” says Jill Richard, Web Marketing Manager, “It’s a big deal now. Lots of people want to be in that market place and cut into our margin. So we’re constantly looking for new ways to connect with our customers and make it more about them.” Continue reading “ Taps Tag-Based Reviews to Supplement Community Vibe”

Cross-Channel Retail: What are Online Customers Doing Today?


Matt_Frattaroli2There has been a lot written recently about cross-channel retail in terms of the value to the retailer and importance to consumers. Aside from survey results, few hard facts have been published. Possibly this is because it’s hard to gather data and measure it, let alone do this for multiple retailers to make an apples to apples comparison. Even the definition is not immediately obvious to many industry folks, some often think of cross-channel as being synonymous with the term “multi-channel” but it is far more involved than simply having multiple channels. Continue reading “Cross-Channel Retail: What are Online Customers Doing Today?”

Mobile Retailing Dissected At NRFtech Panel Discussion


pizza-hut_capA diverse panel of industry executives gathered to discuss the short- and long-term potential for mobile retailing at the NRFtech Annual CIO Summit in La Jolla, California this week. Sahir Anand, Research Director, Retail Practice from The Aberdeen Group led the discussion.

The four panel members included Delaney Bellinger, CIO of Yum! Brands, Richard Crone, Principal of Crone Consulting, Jorge Fernandes, CEO of Mobibucks and Richard Mader, Executive Director of the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS). The group presented to approximately 100 of the industry’s top CIOs at the invitation-only event presented by the National Retail Federation (NRF). Continue reading “Mobile Retailing Dissected At NRFtech Panel Discussion”

Solution Spotlight: GoECart Targets Shopping Cart Abandonment Issue With One Page Checkout


Using innovative tools to address the challenges of the ever-changing online shopping environment, the GoECart solution is designed to empower merchants and retailers of all sizes with on-demand ecommerce solutions. The latest version, GoECart 8, combines over 250 ecommerce software features with a customizable Web storefront and site hosting. One unique feature of GoECart is its “One-Page Checkout” capability, designed to address the ongoing issue of shopping cart abandonment.

The Team: In business since 2000, GoECart was founded by Manish Chowdhary, GoECart’s CEO. Chowdhary, an outspoken advocate for ecommerce best practices, often speaks on topics like shopping cart abandonment, social computing, Web 2.0, and personalization. Headquartered in Bridgeport, CT, GoECart’s Thriving Partner Ecosystem of ecommerce solution providers, along with the GoECart team, aim to deliver the rich, immersive experience expected by today’s savvy Web shoppers. Continue reading “Solution Spotlight: GoECart Targets Shopping Cart Abandonment Issue With One Page Checkout”

5 Tips for Adding Mobile to the Mix


Scott_Debson-smallIt’s no secret that retailers’ ad budgets are shrinking and countless executives are tasked with doing more with less. So what’s the secret? Well, when the times get tough, the tough get innovative, or in this instance, mobile.

Many retailers like Macy’s and Staples have already delved into mobile marketing and are experiencing great success. Mobile campaigns are measurable, immediate, personal, interactive, engaging and innovative. And best of all: they get results. Continue reading “5 Tips for Adding Mobile to the Mix”