6 New Strategies For Mobile Commerce Aim To Drive Sales, Loyalty & Intelligence


While mobile marketing has been established as a new way to advertise and engage consumers, the ability to purchase on the mobile phone is offering consumers a new channel on which to shop. The emergence of iPhone applications and mobile-configured Web sites are bringing convenience and usability to consumers on the go.

Mobile Internet access, through either traditional browsers or installed applications, will see significant gains over the next five years, reaching 134.3 million mobile Internet users in 2013, according to projections from eMarketer. With this growth in mind and an appetite for new paths to acquire customers, industry insiders say they are seeing a big spike in roll outs of new mobile commerce sites designed to drive loyalty and increase sales.

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New Marketing Mix Model Uses Virtual Platform To Predict Shopping Behavior

Marketing mix modeling has proven to be an important practice in driving bottom line performance among leading retail and consumer goods companies. However, the complex technique of using regression-based models to calculate marketing’s impact on sales is often too time consuming and costly for some companies.

Recently, MillerCoors, CitrixOnline and about a dozen other companies have applied a new simulation technology designed to quickly forecast how different marketing plans would likely impact sales of their products. Using ThinkVine’s Emerging Marketplace, companies use a three-hour simulation test to find out whether print is a better decision than television advertising, or how much of their budget should be focused on new media opportunities.
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Generating ROI Through Customer-Centric Merchandising

As the retail industry continues to grow increasingly competitive, customer-centric merchandising is a movement that cannot be ignored. The most efficient way to achieve the strongest ROI on inventory is to implement a customer-centric merchandising solution that is powered by consumer demand.  Download the full paper to learn how your business can become customer-centric.


Bronto Connects Web 2.0 Channels With Efficiency of Email At Internet Retailer Conference

Web 2.0 tools continue to weave their way into the marketing toolbox for retailers at this week’s Internet Retailer Conference in Boston, as several innovation solutions debuted providing merchants with a path to combine the power of social media, personalization and user generated content with popular channels such as email marketing.
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Abercrombie Stresses ROI To Support Brand Strategy Through Recession, Global Expansion


All Abercrombie & Fitch stores carry the same merchandise and sell the products at the same price. Those facts are a given at Abercrombie. Through the toughest sales periods in 2008 and 2009, the company has resisted reducing the prices of its merchandise. Even though sales have taken a hit during the past few quarters, the company stands firm in its belief that the brand image must be maintained.

But even Abercrombie can’t ignore the bottom line. Speaking this week at the Oracle Crosstalk event in Orlando, FL, Kristen Blum, SVP and CIO of Abercrombie & Fitch explained the company’s strategy to reduce costs while moving forward with IT projects and international expansion.

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It’s Time for the Turtles to Fly

‘Shopper Centricity’ is the stated goal of every industry player today.  But it’s an impossible dream unless today’s slow-to-change retailers fundamentally restructure to align functions now working at cross purposes and change incentives that reward behaviors at odds with the objective –– and unless suppliers take collaboration well beyond out-dated category management.  Download the full article to learn how your business can become Shopper Centric.

Aeropostale Grabbing Share of Market & Mind Amid Downturn

The reversal of fortune of youth apparel brands Aeropostale and Abercrombie & Fitch is serving is unfolding as one of the most visible case studies of what is working with today’s customer. Aero has not only been posting consistent double digit gains during the recent economic downturn, while A&F has seen its sales drop at the same pace, but analysts point out that Aero appears to be gaining share of mind based on online traffic and social presence.

Aeropostale continues to be the bright spot in apparel sales with steady growth. The retailer reported record May sales results, boasting a 30% increase in total net sales. In a recent sales call, the company noted strong customer reaction to its summer collection, and its merchandise margins for the month have increased over 2008.

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Eileen Fisher Selects Escalate Retail’s Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere Commerce Solution

Escalate Retail recently announced that EILEEN FISHER, a clothing company with 44 retail stores and accounts at all major department stores, has selected the company’s Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere Commerce solution, which is designed to enable an end-to-end cross channel customer shopping experience. As part of the Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere Commerce platform, EILEEN FISHER will implement Escalate Retail’s e-Commerce, Contact Center, Order Manager, and Fulfillment Manager modules, designed to enhance the customer experience and drive additional revenue. Escalate Retail’s consulting partner, Acquity Group, will provide the retailer with front-end implementation and hosting services.
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Dairy Queen Tests RFID-Powered Loyalty Program

Editor’s Note: This article is an excerpt from one of RetailWire’s recent online discussions. Each business morning on RetailWire.com, retail industry execs get plugged in to the latest news and issues with key insights from a “BrainTrust” panel of retail industry experts.

A Dairy Queen in the Indianapolis area is testing a loyalty program that uses stickers to attach radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to phone handsets delivering savings coupons to consumers. If successful, Dairy Queen intends to expand the test and eventually take the program national.

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