JCPenney Offers New Rewards Program

JCPenney customers can now earn reward points and receive special members-only benefits in-store, online, or via catalog, each month via the JCP Rewards program. JCP Rewards members automatically receive points from purchases on any one of three personal or credit debit cards registered online for the program, eliminating the need for an additional loyalty card.

JCP Rewards members can earn one point for every dollar spent on JCPenney regular or sale-priced items, and points are doubled for customers who shopped at JCPenney the previous month.  Customers can register up to three personal credit or debit cards via Consumers who also register their JCPenney credit cards will receive additional JCP Rewards points.
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Track Customer Feedback And Improve Innovation To Increase Loyalty and Satisfaction

Best-in-class companies increased customer satisfaction by 26 percent and customer retention by 26 percent in 12 months, as reported by Aberdeen Research in a recent study titled Customer Feedback Management: Mind if I Ask You a Few Questions? To complete this study, Aberdeen surveyed more than 300 organizations in a diverse set of industries between April and June 2008.

With the advent and growing use of social networking and the Internet, today’s customer feedback looks a lot different than it did 10 years ago. Customer feedback can come from numerous sources including blogs, ratings and review websites and peer-to-peer networks, to name a few.
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Rich Internet Apps (RIA)s Give Retailers New Window Into Customer Experience

Customers may see them as cool new technologies that offer different views of products and shopping carts. But retailers are seeing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) as a way to improve the online customer experience, and seal critical moments of truth. 

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Drive Retail Sales via Multi-Channel Communications

Join Retail TouchPoints and SoundBite for a one-hour On-Demand session on breakthrough uses of multi-channel customer communications that can:

*  Increase frequency of visits and average purchase price
*  Drive in-store traffic with personalized offers and mobile coupons
*  Strengthen brand recognition and customer loyalty
*  Build profitable, lifelong customer relationships


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Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere Commerce™

The cross-channel customer is more valuable, more loyal, and also more demanding. This complimentary 30 minute web seminar presents a road map to building an efficiently managed cross-channel operation. We encourage you to download and learn how leading retail organizations are building long-term strategies to prepare their organizations to win the cross-channel battle.

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7 Paths to Payoff Via Retail Mobility Solutions

7 Paths to Payoff Via Retail Mobility Solutions

How Leading Retailers are Driving Operational & Customer-Facing Improvement Across the Enterprise

In this white paper, we examine the best practices leading retailers have employed to maximize the impact of mobile appliciations.  The paper also examines the business objectives addressed and the results achieved with mobile applications and compile these points into an easy-to-reference list.

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Location Optimization Boosts Bottom Line For Store Openings, Remodels

By optimizing its locations, an Atlanta-based restaurant chain discovered it could improve average store-over-store sales volume by 43 percent, from $2.2 million to $3.1 million. That’s just one example of how analyzing store locations, customer volume and competition can improve the bottom line, according to David Powell, vice president of sales and marketing for geoVue, a provider of location optimization software.

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Harvard Professor John Quelch Chats On Economy’s Impact On Retailers

John Quelch knows branding and knows retail. Never one to shy from informed controversy on those topics, his recent writing on pricing and the Starbucks expansion trouble attracted a good deal of attention. The Senior Associate Dean and Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, Quelch frequently writes on retailing topics in his blog, Marketing Know:How, which is published through Harvard Business School Publishing.
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